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Prison horror stories

October 10, 2021 That Haunted Show Season 2 Episode 21
That Haunted Show
Prison horror stories
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Konnichiwa! It's Lou here back at it again for your listening discomfort.
In today's episode, we're going to be listening to some creepy as Hell prison horror stories, now some of these get quite dark and range from cult like behaviour to even supernatural and paranormal aspects. 

These are all of course fictional writings, and all sources have been credited to the authors.

Hope you're ready.

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Hello and welcome back to That Haunted Show we're keeping well today we're going to be carrying on with our creepy kind of narration story so it's going to be less of a chat and more of a layer of fucking narration type episode.

But it's gonna be fun I've kind of stuck with the theme so like the previous ones where we had shit forgotten already where we had

probably should look this up for the hospital horrors hiking horrors I think we had some other ones as well let me have a look cryptid horrors so yeah, it's this is like a little horror story. However the series so hiking horror hospital horror cryptid horror and this one is going to be prison horror stories. I reckon this one's going to be pretty fun, or at least interesting. I found out some pretty good stories, and I'm excited. I think you guys are gonna like it. I hope at least I'm trying to think of the latest news. We didn't do an Instagram live yesterday, which didn't go down so because we started again deep into the alien chat and next thing you know, the stream got taken down and yeah, we were full on cancelled.

Hey, it was good. It was good. Aside from that, trying to think what else of course we've got the merch store, which is live and which is pretty fucking awesome. So what is it? Let me remember that haunted show. Much better. Now. Haunted show which is live.

So I've got my own domain got my own shop. It's sick. I'm super high. It's just gone in for it now looks awesome. I am learning Photoshop so I can get better at it.

Because it's just the same designs. And yeah, it's a little bit sad.

Also, we have made seven sales and seven units sold. So that's pretty fucking cool.

So I can see all the orders which is fucking sick as far as someone's got it. We've got tank tops, premium pullover hoodies, crew socks, essential T some of our socks That's fucking cool. Never premium pullover, sick.

Woman's fitted tank top and another premium pullover so you guys are digging the hoodies are one of my more designs. So yeah, hopefully our get on that this weekend and upload them because I reckon that'd be sick. I'm so hyped to do it in this like, feel like I'm running a shop. It's fucking it's crazy. I mean, it is a shop but like I don't do anything. What I do is design it and upload it and they create it as it's ordered. So previously where I'd have to just buy it myself and then transact on for a profit or Yeah, and I have to deal with like all the postage for worldwide shipping, whereas they don't know for me, so thank you Teespring or spring, you're no longer Teespring thank you so much.

I'm super hyped about it as you can probably tell.

I'm trying to think what else is new. So we've been doing the streams. Monday, we had that huge Instagram Live down again. That's twice in one week.

And yeah, so that kind of got cancelled out. So Monday night news is no longer a thing this we tried to do on a Friday night news. Cancelled that too, but thanks for everyone who did turn up and stay for a bit before we go shut down. I still think it was the government man. We just got fucked.

It's all going good. I'm really enjoying the show and where it's going at the moment. It's definitely it's super fun. It's growing. And I'm hyped. And trying to keep busy and do more and more with it. So hopefully, hopefully you guys appreciate it and enjoy it.

And um, I feel like the live streams and things like that. It's definitely a chance to kind of interact with you all more like personally and see what you want and where you want the show. To go and what you want me to cover chat about things it gives you gives us all a chance to kind of chat and get to know each other because I'm so fucking socially awkward that in person, I just do an awkward fucking wave and be like I on limits. They're both girls.

Whereas like on here, I don't know. I feel more confident like there's no one here. It's literally just me and Mike and a load of fucking ghosts figures in front of me.

It makes me It relaxes me and it is kind of therapeutic doing a podcast like this. So I enjoy it. It's fun. Like I was sitting there doing my first stream but I think it went well and I got some pretty good feedback of it. So yeah, it's not too bad. Funnily enough, I was actually speaking about this earlier today as well.

i Yeah, it's really fucking weird. Like, when I record I change my voice not loads but a fair bit. And yeah, basically I kind of narrowed it down because I'm super fucking anxious and I get really nervous.

I have a I have a recording voice and my normal voice. And yeah, sometimes it fluctuates between the two. Sounds shit, but I'm trying to keep it my normal voice and not sound so monotone that it's almost sub bass because some of my recordings I've kind of listened back and it's like, you walk down the street and a Ghost fell on his fucking face.

Shit like that. But yeah, I'm working on it. Okay, I'm working on it. I'm feeling more comfortable during the show now. I should do it's been a fun year, and we're nearly on season two.

No, that makes any difference.

Because what is it we did season one was 24 episodes. Season two were on this will be the 21st episode so I won't be too long until we're on Season Three. Feel like we're fucking going somewhere man. We got a fucking big old series going. It's sick. But we have a lot of stories to get through. I'm not sure how this is going to go because one of the stories

Yeah, we're looking at about 11,000 words.

Yeah, when I do an episode, I usually keep it around five or six.

So let's just see how this goes. So the first story is horrors of the Pentecostal prison school. The sources As always, I do wish to remain anonymous until charges actually filed. This was a long time ago. So I doubt there will be any the coal which is still somehow recognised as a religion has a history of legal and physical harassment against people who try to pursue action against them. So to avoid legal issues, I'm going to redact and change everyday location and I'll try and leave as many hints as I can.

For reasons as I mentioned above, I can't really give a specific year I was 16 when they sent me there. My mother's family somehow got custody of me two years after her death. They claimed my father's depression after a death caused him to start abusing alcohol and his job at the oil field men who would not be a fit parent because he was gone along.

This however, could not be further from the truth. He was not an alcoholic and the best father anyone could ask for. However, he was gone at the time working in Ecuador, and just although he knew what was going on, he could not get back in time to testify.

They're very crafty these people the PTL network for examples five numerous legal scandals before Jim Baker was finally caught being scumbag that he is. But to this day, that evangelical and Pentecostal churches around the country still wield a lot of legal and monetary resources.

So I was forced to live with them, my family. I thought that was bad, but I hadn't seen shit. They had always disliked the secular way. My father ran the house and try as my mom did. She could not convert either of us to this insanity they call the correct way of living.

I think in their grief losing her they felt the need to take charge of my upbringing. A little late. Let me give you a rundown of what these people actually believe and do.

Pentecostal comes from the word Pentecost, which is coming from the Greek phrase Pentecost Day, which roughly translates to fifth or the fifth day after Passover.

This refers to an event in the New Testament after the death of Jesus I think he dipped off to India but believe what you want and is still commemorated today after Easter. And then the UK it's referred to as white Sunday. The apostles were given the ability to speak in other languages and preach the new religion we call Christianity. So the people of Jerusalem each person hearing the sermon in their own language. This is where the practice of speaking in tongues comes from. Pentecostals believe that they can become possessed by the Holy Spirit, and they can suddenly speak in other languages like the apostles. If you've never watched this, check it out on YouTube. It's hilarious. Imagine a bunch of badly dressed weirdos of every type spouting gibberish and then passing out together. I think the funniest part of it sounds like they're attempting to Yiddish your Arabic usually, but it comes out sounding like Shala like Bella Bella, but this is no joke. It's fucking psychosis.

They believe in all sorts of other weird shit too. For example, some of them believe music with heavy bass and drum beats as a form of satanic brainwashing. They also think any sort of triangle is a satanic symbol that collects demons.

The cure for most ailments in the Pentecostal household is a primitive form of exorcism called deliverance. In their mind, demons are everywhere and constantly trying to undermine the efforts in life. They say you sort of neighbour girl going for a jog and some short shorts, and you get a little stuffy or maybe you didn't get your raise at work, so you get a little angry and broke something. Well, you just need some deliverance but because that was just a demon.

This would consist of several people screaming their asses off at the alleged demon that is inside you for a few hours. Needless to say, I didn't get to talk to girls along with my mom growing up. If you want to know more about this kind of insane bullshit, watch the prophecy car. This was a particular favour. I remember this perfectly lays out the science fiction level of wacky shit they think is actually going on in the world. This includes everything from the Illuminati to vampires and werewolves.

The way they got me into this place without me punching and kicking and running for the police station was simple yet I fell for it. My uncle told me we were going up north to do some custom tire work, and it was a big contract. I remember being really stoked. I was also really fucking dumb.

A little background on me. At the time I was a pretty normal 16 year old. I smoked a little weed. I played guitar and a death metal band for the high school was a shitty joke. I worked a lot for a teenager and I always liked having more money than my peers who had to rely on an allowance. My dad was an avid craftsman and when he wasn't working for the oil company, starting since maybe when I was 13. We did a lot of remodelling projects together. By the time I was 16 I could do drywall faster than the next con and I can instal four types of flooring. My roofing skills are pretty solid too. I made very good money and use it to buy my music gear mostly. My band was everything to me. We played a lot of shows and got sort of popular locally.

All this went away of course. When I was forced to move in with them. The first thing my uncle did was smashed my mess or Dual Rectifier. Now if you don't know it's expensive amp head I saved from months to afford with a sledgehammer and he gave my guitars was fat and you have a son. He said I've been infected by Satan and the music I made was evil spells meant to enslave my peers. So all my clothes, my notebooks and my phone got burned too.

I thought that was as bad as it could get. I was forced to wear these fucking dorky clothes like the other kids and was required to listen to sermons by my uncle and study numerology. I also got a good education in creationism and right wing conspiracy theories about the Zionist occupied government and the Jewish agenda to destroy America. Oh, yeah, I'm Jewish on my dad's side. They were pretty sore about that one too.

They called the shit homeschooling and that pissed me off to no end. I heard a lot of stuff you would expect somebody like David Ickes would say, apparently people wrote dinosaurs and giant Fallen Angels smash human women, and somehow they gave birth to children who also like fucking giants. Also, the world is a flat aquarium Fuckit elves break into a room at night and come in your socks. Girls don't fucking poop. See, it's fun, but it's also kind of not though. Will people actually hit the fuck it in this reality department? It's It's fucking ugly.

After a certain period of time, it became somewhat bearable. My uncle also did construction work. So despite the massive hatred of the man I worked for him and saved every cent I had. My dad and grandmother had hired a lawyer but my mom's family had more money and were able to make my dad that bad in court. So it went slow.

In that particular area, my uncle was well respected. The judge that presided over the case was actually one of them went to the same church my uncle did and if I'm not mistaken, they even tried to blame my mom for even tried to blame my dad. For my mom given up on chemo and dying for supposedly godly people. They would sink however low they had to in order to get their way.

I think when they realised they couldn't turn me into one of them, they decided that to send me to that place, we got there about three in the afternoon. Once again, if I get too specific, these loony fuckers will sue me. But I will say that in my disbelief, I later found out this place was a 20 minute drive to the spot where Jim Jones had once operated. The staff also included a former people's temper mender member and I'm not kidding the guy even talked about Jones fondly. Fucking finally.

The buildings were why the compound was on a steep hill near the truck stop. I saw a science at church school. And I thought our people probably redoing the tile in the gym showers. I'd done this before at football camp and it was always a good payout because of the extensive work that's required. God was I fucking retarded.

When I got to the job site, it was actually a kitchen and it was pretty fucking nasty. The floor been taken out to make waveless ugly green tile. It was slowly being put in by a bunch of kids my age and matching polo shirts and slacks. So I joined them thinking maybe they were student volunteers or something. I corrected a few things. Clearly none of them had done this before. My uncle hung back and talked with the staff in harsh tones. I was about two hours into the job when I went to the ice chest for some water. That's where the job ended and the horrors began. Unknown to me. The water had a tranquilliser in it and I quickly passed out.

I woke up in a small white wash cell lying on a concrete slab and dressed the same as the boys I've been working on the tile with as I regained consciousness over the next hour or so. I pretty much worked out in my head what had transpired and I was mad, fucking mad. I kicked the plexiglass door until I sprained my foot. I screamed until my voice went hoarse. I cried. I was in there for two days and I was led out into what they called a dorm. I would later find out all this was apparently legal under loco parentis, my uncle signs and paperwork, paid some money and now I belong to these people like the fucking movie rights of the Star Wars film.

It was a small building. It housed around 18 boys around the same age as me. This would be my home for the next two years. Most of them have been in trouble with their lives and had behavioural problems. A few were some of the dumbest fuckers I've ever met. One poor guy was a total dork that had landed in there for smoking a cigarette. Another kid had been put there because his parents suspected he was gay. Ironically, he wasn't. He was just a sort of girly guy and enjoy pussy quite a bit. The guy was cool though. And he had somehow smuggled in the law of hustlers, as you might guess in a place where teenage boys are confined for years because it was a hot topic conversation for the time.

It was beyond a shitty place to live. The air conditioning was just terrible. And it was in the middle of summer when I first got there. The bathrooms despite us cleaning them frequently. We just unsanitary toilets backed out frequently and we spent a lot of time cleaning Shearwater off the floor.

The schooling consisted of creationist online programmes which we did on computers. I'm guessing the reason that for this was that nobody on the staff here actually possess the proper education to be a fucking teacher. The food well, the food was terrible in more ways than one. There was always some kind of casserole cage. It was made fattening on purpose. I think. We would also subject to five our church services four times a week, which I actually look forward to, because when we went to church they always come up with some sort of back breaking work for us.

We mark the entire soccer field with push mowers. We took care of their horses and worked in the vegetable gardens. This I didn't actually mind I kind of like gardening. Some of these people were afraid to even eat fruit from the grocery store. They fought his poison with Mind Control chemicals. Think like anti vaxxers on steroids. When they couldn't find work for us. We got to stack heavy cinder blocks for absolutely no reason. This is an important part of cult brainwashing. They never give people any downtime. The Church of Scientology is famous for using this trick on Sea Org members.

They had girls that too but whenever our line pastors around the compound we were forced to hold our hands at the side of our face like horse blinders looking at when the girls could get you a beating and two days of no food. Oh yeah, they had full on corporal punishment here too. I actually believe in slapping about a brat once in a while, but this stuff got fucking ridiculous at times. For example, all the bunks had level loops on the side in case you record jacking off that zip tie your hands deletes for the rest of the night.

I remember after the dorky kid forgot to organise his Foot Locker properly. The dorm leader gave him a nice size shiner and forced him to do push ups while he advocates kicked him in the stomach if he got one wrong. This also was a Marine Corps dropout. And he thought he was Sergeant Harmon Jesus. If I meet up with him again, I'll have him waterboarded and thrown over the Mexican border into a fucking cactus patch but not without raw meat stable to him to attract coyotes for a slow and painful death. Let's meet Lenin this guy off easy. The guy was a true monster.

I saw a lot of fucked up stuff happened to the people here. I saw kids get beat star forced to work in the hot sun and cold snow. Get hogtied while shooting themselves and screaming for their parents. fights that comment then are small. So if I had a soda or something valuable like that I had to hide it and hide it fucking Well, or have it stolen get beaten senseless. But when these dumb apes with behaviour problems, or the dumb ones formed a little clique that they were pulling the shit out of everyone. I hung out with them better to stay on the right side of the big ones in such places. I still got beaten up a good bit though.

had taken about four months of this before I decided I was going to make an escape attempt. I stole some bread from the kitchen found a backpack in the staff office. I hadn't attempted this earlier because I was unclear on exactly where it was.

We went on some sort of filter at once to a church area. And after looking around, I had a decent idea of what part of the country I was in and where the town was.

I decided to take the dorky kid with me. We called him Winston. Big mistake, but I felt bad leaving Winston there. He was literally being tortured daily by the staff and the other boys. He told me he had been there for free years. We snuck out and got about 100 foot from the dorm when a flashlight hit us. The dorm leader woken up and done a Bed Check earlier than expected. I pushed Winston ahead of me and yelled run.

The dome leader and two other staff chased us for about a mile and a Winston couldn't go anymore. On top of being fat. They recently cut off his food because it was doing bad in school so he just couldn't hack it. I didn't leave him there. I tried to hold him up and keep his legs moving but eventually he just collapsed. I stood over a month off the first staff guy who caught up with us. It was no dude. I hit him as hard as I could in the nuts and face and he went down. I kept trying to get Winston on his feet but the dorm leader was bigger than the staff guy and it was just too much for me. They eventually got me on the ground. Cowards couldn't even fight a starving little kid one on one. Marine my ass.

We were dragged back kicking and screaming and stripped down to our boxes. We were both shoved into the tiny whitewash cells of plexiglass doors. The first time I'd been in one of these I hadn't noticed the worst part about them. In the ceiling was a very small but very powerful speaker. Now these evil motherfuckers start blasting praise and worship music at us 24 hours a day. I tried plugging my ears I guess they were watching because when I did, they would crank up the volume. It was the same first day song over and over. And over. But it wasn't loud enough to drown Winston screaming in the sound next to me. This went on for about three days. I eventually was able to rip pieces or my boxes off to make earplugs. This made it somewhat bearable and I still have nightmares about it.

When we were finally let out Winston was covered in bruises and completely mute. He never spoke again the entire time I was there. I have a pretty good idea of what they did to him in there. I'm not gonna say it but he couldn't sit down for a while. Or else I heard rumours about the dorm leader doing this but I never actually saw it going down. I'm pretty sure I heard it though. It takes something pretty bad to make a person screen that long.

I became the highest rank I could in their little shitty system and got promoted to a blog.

And once again, that's too much detail. I was in charge of the dorm second only to the dorm leader and I had my own room I was one of the only two boys I knew that actually got up there as it took almost a inhuman level of brown nosing in May by last nine months a lot more bearable. I use this position to help out the boys. I rarely disciplined anyone unless we pre planned it or really fucking deserved it. I got so good at choreographing fake beatings I could work for fucking WWE anytime I found a bag of chips or other contraband or take it and later returning sicker or give them a smile and put it back in its hiding place. As for the DOM assets that beat me up when I first got there though, well, they spent a lot of time to clean up shit water or Polish in my church shoes until we actually became somewhat friendly.

They had this sort of leader who claimed to be there for selling crack and was bigger than everyone else. I later found out his mom put him there after he beat her to the point of hospitalisation I was able to use this info to blackmail him into doing whatever I wanted. In gang or prison culture, housing, your family is a big no no. After I had this feather in my cap, the dummies weren't a problem anymore.

I started becoming a pretty scary person that about that time. Maybe that's why they could respect me a little more. outsmarted any attempts that the idiot cop as I called them, made it deposing me for my position. I also hung out with the ones who were called to me, and smuggled them an iPod and some good music and never sent anyone to white cells. And after a while, I was very popular and well respected.

One of the most disturbing things about this place was how that brainwashing worked. As I said before, a lot of guys here were just fucking dumb. I mean, they stick a fork in an outlet dam. They had been here because their parents were too lazy or too old to deal with them and their behavioural problems that made them very vulnerable to religious bullshit. The staff was preaching. They were put on very elaborate church services or play guitar in a small worship band that included free of the youngest staff members. The whole atmosphere was highly charged and there was a lot of crying, laying on of hands and about half of the boys started converting and it became scary religious. I literally watched it all happen.

First, it was just a few of them that would stand in the front and listen to our soft music and start crying. Then after they passed out from crying so hard, the pastor and other staff would give them what is called a personal prophecy. Now this consisted of a rundown of who they were and what they were going to be in their life. The staff were very good at it. After all, I spent every day with these kids. They know us well, too well.

I watched it all while I stood up there strumming chords completely in all of the most extreme mind fuckery I've ever seen. I later learned the codes and music notes if played right. It had a profound effect on the emotional function of people. It goes much harder than us. They're all converted within the first year mostly. I'm not trying to be sexist. I'm just telling you what happened. I guess they were just less abusive for the girls. And maybe that's why it worked faster.

I soon found myself surrounded by brainwashed teenagers, and all sorts of fucked off. Now everybody was speaking in tongues. Now. Nobody was in reality. Nobody but me. I started to worry they would all turn on me. Thank God I can act. I've never found a religious conversation before. Luckily, this was crazy town and I'm the fucking mayor of crazy town. Going through all this I hadn't lost who I was but I learned how to lie pretty well.

And I learned a lot about the culture of seemingly trapped him with no hope. I did the crying now wasn't hard on my life fucking suck. Listen to all the bullshit. The pastor said. Actually, I didn't because I don't even remember what the fuck he said.

I ever made up a vision off the top of my head once. I said the pastor was going to need the help of a person important to him soon. I tried to go something really broad or read a book about cold reading once. I had reason this car was gonna stall out soon, by the way it sounded. It did. He had to call up to the dorm leader and bam instant profit. I was here. I came up with a few more juicy ones myself a lot more special privileges. The hardest part of holding in laughs But the hardest part was holding in the loss. By the insanity I live for years and weaken my grasp on reality to I shudder when I remember entertain the idea I had the spooky powers.

I got out when I was 18 and I hadn't heard what happened to anyone else but Winston had hung himself a year later. That was a long time ago. The whole experience scarred me. I bounced around a lot completely lost and disturbed by the whole thing. It took a while but I eventually rose above it and live well now. I don't do tired anymore by the way.

Weird activity in my jail 50 Shades of Diggler Firstly, I'm 24 I'm a prison guard in the Federal Correctional Facility somewhere in North America.

I usually work night shifts and in fact I've adjusted quite well. I maintain a healthy routine and diet and exercise regularly get seven plus hours of sleep during the day. To give you a picture of my mental health.

Also, I have experienced some strange paranormal things in my life, but I do remain sceptical. Anyway, essentially one night a little bit ago, I was working on the maximum security unit of our correctional facility. It was relatively early in the morning and my partner and I got up to do our own thing for a while and before our obligations. Seeing is it's pretty normal. I flew my feet up on the desk of the control post and began reading my book to kill some time.

The way I was facing I could see the monitors over my book in case something happens. Now anyone who works down there knows that weird things happen regularly. shadows moving things moving on the cameras, strange sounds, but most of us chalk it up to the fact that it's late at night, three to four in the morning. We've been up since three to 4pm the previous day. And we just kind of ignore this time when I'm reading my book I see movement in one of the cameras. I check all the other cells and everything's good. I look back and it's movement on different camera and then a different one. Every time I look at one something's happening on a different one. When I say movement, I mean I can see a finger moving or I can see things on the table or countertop moving, etc.

After probably 30 seconds which felt like forever. By the way. Everything sort of stops. I take a deep breath and tell myself that it's probably just my imagination and not to worry. So I lean back for my feet back up and get back to my book.

Here's where things get really creepy. As I'm reading my book, I completely black and large finger appears outside my control post in the exact spot a person would be if they needed to communicate with me from outside. There's actually a large silver mouthpiece that we used to communicate when the control post has to be secured during the day. This finger looms for probably no more than a second to then disappears. The figure was quite large again, I just sort of sit back and think nothing of it. Although other minute my nerves were a little rattled, to say the least.

Anyway, my partner comes back down to grab his things before its obligations take him back up to the main part of the facility. He says down and we talked for a minute, I tell him what I'd experienced. We both laughed and said it was probably nothing. In fact, he actually said if there was a ghost here right now he tickle my balls. We both laugh some more and he said stop being a fucking pussy. I laugh some more and convinced myself I was just being abnormally tired and we're seeing things he leaves to do his thing. As I'm learning off to the maximum security unit, one of the female inmates of our segregation range began screaming incoherently she presses her emergency only button. I radio my friend to come back down so one of us can go and shag he immediately comes back down and asked me what the hell is going on. I told him I had no idea she just started screaming at the top of her lungs. As soon as he'd left. He decides that he'd go check on it. So he takes the disabled key from the alarm and proceeds to adore being as a segregation range is right beside the control. Post. I stood by the daughter listen what she was screaming and this is more or less along the lines were ranting you've got to fucking help me he's trying to kill me. Oh god. He's trying to fucking kill me Help me please. Don't let him kill me. Oh my god, please.

At this point, she's crying hysterically and banging on the door. She actually herself in trying to bust a gigantic store door down. My friend turns to me a slightly pale and we both shrug our shoulders not really sure what's going on. He called me explain to her that she's been locked up for days and that the institution's been locked down since previous evening and that no one had gone in and she was safe and no one could hurt her.

She continued to scream and cry sterically You idiot. Don't you fucking understand. It's my husband. My husband is here. He's trying to kill me. Help me fucking please help me. Let me out of here. He's right behind you. He's right behind you.

At this point my friend is frozen in raw animalistic terror is standing by the door can see there's no one behind him. But the tangible presence was definitely felt by all of us on the range.

He later told me he was so scared even though he knew no one was there. He felt that he couldn't turn around. After some talking we eventually got her to calm down. She eventually explains every so often when she'd been a bitch in our own words, that her husband comes in horns and abuses her like he used to. She says it stars have nightmares and eventually leads to its presence wherever she is. I told her we will get the psychology and healthcare teams to see her as soon as we could. She begged me to see if they were in now and I agreed to call but I told her I couldn't promise anything. I found healthcare naturally no picks up so I hang up before the answer machine kicks in.

She eventually goes back to sleep and my friend goes on with his business and I'm stuck alone in the control post. For the next 30 minutes. Nothing else happened while I was there. And I was thankful for that. That's all my co workers who came in from day shift what happens and no one could believe me but they could see I was legitimately shaken up by it. And they know I'm not the kind of person who would lie or make up a story like that.

I finally got relieved and headed home for someone settled asleep. Now the next two details are going to sound made up kind of love the cherry on top, but I assure you they actually happen. So firstly, my friend did some research on this particular person and it turns out she previously killed her husband as he was violent and abusive. He was approximately six foot seven and about 275 pounds. The creepiest thing was that maybe I'm extrapolating, but that more or less describes the scale of the black shape I'd seen outside the control post.

Secondly, I guess that right after I'd left about the time the rest of the institution staff comes in for their shift. My co workers got a call from healthcare who sounded a little strange. That asked if anybody had called them and left a message. My coworker told them I called about an hour and a half before anyone got there and hung up without leaving a message. They said that was extremely strange because they got a message about 530 When I called and all I could hear were two people screaming fuckin spooky. Truthfully, my eyes watered the entire time. I was recounting the story and going over the details in my head. Despite being sceptical, I'm almost certain that thing I saw was her deceased husband. So fucking weird man.

I had some strange experiences when I worked at county jail. Ginko 70 For about half a year back I was a sheriff's deputy that had been transferred to the jail division. I started out on the night shift and being the most recent addition I spent a lot of nights in the housing bubble. Sometimes I would be sitting in after lights out and I would see out of the corner of my the orange structure of an inmate run by the housing. I would think to myself, why is that inmate worker fucking around. Then I realised I didn't have an inmate work at that night. Or on occasion I could swear that I saw someone walking on the upper level of the one of the pods. I go to where it just blow off as me being overly tired. The one night something happens I just couldn't brush it off. Or sit in on the back of the housing watching YouTube. I would eventually watch cops after lights out. Well, I started hearing like tapping, like someone was tapping their fingers on the control desk. A steady quick tap tap, tap, tap and I'm thinking to myself, oh geez, what's wrong with the computer? Why is it making that fucking noise? So I'm staring at the main desk and the trash can underneath the desk lifts up about five inches off the ground and moves to the side about a foot and just sits back down. Like somebody was moving out the way. I just sat there. I didn't have any feelings of dread or fear. I almost felt like another deputy was there with me. I really don't feel like whatever it was meant to harm me in any way. It was definitely an interesting moment to say the least.

Here's where it gets long. We could do another story now. We're at the 40 minute mark. But this next story is really fucking long.

So maybe we'll save this one and do it another time because yeah, we try and stick to the 40 Minute Mark and I don't want to bore you guys too much.

But I do hope you have enjoyed this hop this hospital I'm losing my fucking mind apparently. I meant to say I do hope you guys have enjoyed this episode. It's been fun looking at some prison stories and next week on my go back to some kind of real ghost encounter stories because I missed the kind of girl stuff you know.

I look it up people's weird experiences and kind of Yeah, some people have had some weird and strange things happen.

I will get back to that.

I'm just really enjoying these kind of narration style episodes. I can be kind of more serious put on a couple of voices added to my CV that I'm a voice actor and get some fucking work in. That'd be great.

So if you guys need a voice actor on how many jobs gone, I mean, just send them my way. And when I'm a big show voice actor, I remember this I saw you out don't worry.

Sadly, that is the end of the show. Thank you all for sticking alone. Also, I just want to say like a big thank you because we reached another a huge milestone. For me personally, we've kind of been this was I don't even like to my own horn but it was a goal of certain amount of streams a week. And we fucking smashed it. We've been at a kind of we've been growing increasingly. But we've been kind of at a little stalemate still being increasing but like by slower percentage and it shot up the other day and yeah, I just want to say thank you so much for all of that all your lessons and everything you do for the show and interacting come into the live streams coming to the Twitch coming to the YouTube all of that I'm trying to be more active on Twitter as well. That is all our all of our socials. Luckily I've managed to get the handle everywhere so we are that haunted Show All one word. Whether you want to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, somewhere else, anywhere else.

You Yeah, we are everywhere. So come on by. Come say hi. And if you've got any Yeah, that's it. If you've got any scary stories yourself, do let me know because I'm always I love a good scary story. So if you've got any yourself, definitely let me know. I'd love to kind of hear them. Or maybe if you want to be on the show when it happened. The parents want to come chat with me about your own kind of experiences. That'd be fun, too. It's definitely I've done my first collab now like I got over the anxiety and shitting myself before and I did it so yes, let's get everyone on. So something out. Let's fucking do this. It'd be fun.

If you could leave us a review. I always forget to fucking do this. Wherever you listen, Apple podcast is the best for me personally because that's where I get a lot of my lessons that would be amazing or just share the show. Tell your friends and then of course, if you do a screenshot of you listening to it, I always reshare him and everything so it's great like I love to kind of see you guys enjoying the show. It really like makes me happy. I still think it's bizarre that people enjoy my content night. I still don't feel like I'm fucking good enough.

But actually no you're enjoying it is fucking amazing. And like, when your products come from like the merch store, take some pitches in a man and send them if you want to and I'll definitely reshare I'm like that will be fucking amazing.

So as always, you know the drill by now stay safe, stay spooky and good night.

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