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Cryptid horror stories

October 03, 2021 That Haunted Show Season 2 Episode 20
That Haunted Show
Cryptid horror stories
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Nĭhǎo! It's Lou here back at it again for your listening discomfort. In today's episode, we're going to be listening to some bizarre cryptid horror stories. Now these aren't your big boy cryptids with such likes as Bigfoot, Loch Ness, Mothman, Skinwalkers etc. These are lesser known and more disturbing...

These are all of course fictional writings, and all sources have been credited to the authors. 

Hope you're ready.

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Hello, welcome back to that haunted show. I hope we're keeping well. We keep it up with a scary feeling again. So I've gone with a cryptid theme for these little short stories which are actually quite good. So we're going to be keeping up with the scary fee. From the previous two episodes, which were the horror hiking stories, and star hospital horror stories. This one is going to be all on cryptids and I've scoured the internet as usual and found some pretty creepy stories of cryptids that aren't quite as big.

So it's all it's all fictional writing some of these are made up but they're interesting nonetheless. And to be honest, I'm super excited. I've been yeah really busy lately.

Like at the moment it's it's all go we have got this episode coming out on Sunday. And also I'm going to be recording a story that's going to be featured on Danny Dreadfuls YouTube channel, which is going to be fun.

And tonight I'm also recording and collabing with the Darkmoon daughters podcasts. Yeah, it's gonna be fun. We are super busy and and that's not even the biggest thing. The biggest thing Well, you probably know if you follow the Instagram is that we are you ready?

We have merch we have a full on store. So I did the Instagram Live that haunted new show on Monday.

And people always wearing my tarp and people are like oh wow, I really want like a tarp or like a hoodie. So you know I didn't one better and create a whole fucking store for you guys. So we've got literally everything we've got hoodies, bags, leggings, socks, vests, phone cases. We got mugs, wall, tapestries, pillows, we've even got state spooky blankets.

And yeah, literally everything so if you guys are interested, it's gonna be fun. Also when this episode is live, it there may or may not be a promo code out yet. I'm still working on that with my store. And that'll be a 10% of your purchase. So it's all exciting. I'll save you a bit of money. And once we're established I'm thinking of doing a little giveaway for maybe a hoodie or two for Halloween, Oregon. That'd be pretty fun.

But we'll see how it goes. We'll see if you guys are interested. I hope the shop does well.

I really do.

So anyway, so let's get on with the story shall we? So like, like I said, this one is going to be all about cryptids and yeah, let's go. Always counting the legs of a spider sorts

Let me preface this by saying I have a severe case of arachnophobia. Seriously, even those tiny little ones get the shit out of me. If I spot a spider in any room, you can bet your ass I'll be the first lever. So it's God's greatest joke that this should be happening to me. The guy who regularly dissolves into tears over a fucking daddy longlegs in the sink.

Just a few days back, I run into a friend of mine on my way to the corner shop. So naturally, I was forced to stop and make small talk.

When I glanced down at my feet was racking my brain for an excuse to leave. I saw these long hairy legs sticking out from under my Reeboks twitching meekly. Now when I say these legs were long, I don't mean hey, look that spiders got pretty long legs.

I mean, holy fucking shit. Look how long those spiders legs are long. And I'm not exaggerating. When I say that its legs bank could have easily covered a small cars will from end to end, staring down and also revulsion not daring to remove by foot from what I imagined to be a very gruesome scene. Some part of me noted that this monster had 10 legs instead of eight.

Without looking back at a town town sprinted all the way back down the street to my house. At the front door. I kick the offending shoe off into the street before slamming it shut. I backed up to the sofa shuttering as phantom spiders crewed up under my shirt. The rest of the evening was spent on my laptop trying to find the species that spider belong to or simultaneously avoiding the images.

That's enough spiders already. Thanks. As expected my efforts uncovered nothing. So I retired to bed that night feeling very confused and very uncomfortable.

Sometime during that night, I awoke to the faint sound of scuttling in the darkness. Blinking sleep from my eyes. I rolled over and flicked on the bedside lamp. A warm light washed over in my crowned bedroom. My blissful ignorance shattered into oblivion.

On the bedside tables, so close to the lamp, or almost touched in sat a huge 10 legged Spider was unable to move, unable to think, unable to breathe as I looked, and its face set into the front of its dark fat body where a pair of brown eyes, human eyes, they were heavily bloodshot and didn't appear to have eyelids. Just big round, boring deep into our mind. There is an abomination the stuff of nightmares, even for someone without my crippling fear of spiders. Whenever my head moved, its eyes would swivel unblinking the track mind something about knowing that it was watching me freaked me the hell out and then I believe in that split second my eyes were shot sound of Mad scrambling followed by sickening heavyweight falling against my chest was on top of me. It's bulging out it's locked into mine. Me inches from my face. My heart hammered furiously for the remainder of that night. And well, in the morning the spider stayed as motionless as I did.

Apart from the constant Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit running through my mind. I only had two unique thoughts the entire time and there was a point that I very nearly broke and actually considered knocking the beast away and making a run for it. But knowing full well it would have probably just killed me for those vicious fangs I just couldn't get through.

I also came to the realisation that this had to be the same creature have stepped on earlier that day. In fact, I was certain of it. It took me an embarrassingly long time to snap to it. But then my mind was exactly at peak performance just then. It killed it. And this was it's insane idea of revenge. Lord knows how it returned to life. I was awful the torment had begun when the sun had finally fully risen, the thing zipped away in an instant, disappearing for the door.

It was a while before I felt able to move again and even longer until the turn of tears finally stopped.

Later that morning, I received some troubling news. Apparently my neighbour Todd had been taken to the hospital during the early hours of the morning. His wife had a Wogan's the sounds of sobbing. When she turned the lights on she'd been horror struck to find that her husband's eyes were missing with dark empty pits in that place. I can only imagine what it feels like to open your eyes but see nothing. The poor guy I have an appointment with my therapist tonight. I'll be paying through the nose for him to convince me that this shit didn't happen. Money well spent if you asked me. So here's my advice to you. If anyone ever needs you to kill a spider, then by all means, read the world have as many as you can. You may be doing us a huge favour, trust me. But for your own sake, you might want to count its legs before you do.

The Blackbird of Chernobyl source beginning in early April 1986 The people in and around the little orange noble nuclear power began to experience a series of strange events revolving around sightings of a mysterious creature described as a large dark and mutated man with gigantic wings and piercing red eyes.

People affected by this phenomena experienced horrific nightmares, threatening phone calls and firsthand encounters with the winged beasts which became known as the black bird of generic.

Reports of these strange happenings continued to increase into the morning of April 26 1986. Were at 1:23am reactor four of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant suffered a catastrophic steam explosion that resulted in a fire.

The fire caused a series of additional explosions followed by a nuclear meltdown. The power plant located in the appropriate Ukraine Soviet Union, spewed a plume of radioactive fallout which drifted over parts of the Western Soviet Union, Eastern and Western Europe, Scandinavia, the UK, Ireland, eastern North America, large areas of the Ukraine better roofs and Russia were badly contaminated, resulting in the evacuation and resettlement of over 336,000 people.

The Chernobyl disaster as the incident was dubbed, is considered the worst accident ever in the history of nuclear power.

Following the meltdown and subsequent explosions and fires, Soviet helicopters were dispatched to the scene equipped with special firefighting gear.

These helicopters circled the plant dropping clay, sand, lead and other extinguishing chemicals onto the burning facility.

Most of the fire was put out by 5am with the fire burning and reactor for continuing to blaze for several hours after the firefighters who responded but unaware of the nature of the fire, assuming that it was simple electrical fire and then received massive overdoses of radiation leading to many of their deaths, including Lieutenant Vladimir Perovic, who died on May 9 1986.

The workers who survived the initial blast and fire would later die of radiation poisoning claiming to have witnessed what has been described as a large black bird like creature with a 20 foot wingspan. gliding through the circuit includes radiation smoke pouring from the reactor.

No further sightings of the Blackbird of Chernobyl were reported after the Chernobyl disaster, leaving researchers to speculate just what haunted the workers of the power plant during the days leading up to the disaster.

The most commonly accepted theories suggest that the Blackbird of Chernobyl may have been the same creature spotted in Point Pleasant West Virginia leading up to the collapse of the Silver Bridge on December 15 1968.

Investigators have suggested that the appearance of this creature is an omen of disasters to come in the area, which it shows when it shows itself the physical description of both the black bird of Chernobyl and the moth man the creature sited in West Virginia are very similar. And the reports of nightmares and threatening phone calls leading up to these disasters are shared in both cases.

I seconds less accepted very suggests that the Blackbird of Chernobyl was nothing more than Miss identification.

The black stork is an endangered species endemic to southern Eurasia. Blackstock stands nearly three foot tall and has a wingspan of nearly six foot. This ferry however, fails to take into account the missing phone calls and disturbing nightmares was also the physical description given by the majority of the eyewitnesses who actually saw the black boat of Chernobyl does not in any way match the physical appearance of the black stork.

Both the black bird of Chernobyl and the Mothman have not been cited since their respective disasters, leaving us with many unanswered questions. All we can do is wait for the beast to show itself again and give us a chance to figure out just what it might be. Unfortunately, it would appear that unfortunately, unfortunately, it would appear that for this creature to show up again we will have to anticipate some form of disaster.

We would have to anticipate some form of disaster in the area. Yes selected to appear.

Kanda Walker, source The room was dark and empty. A spare room that I hadn't had the chance to do anything with. The electricity had gone out some time earlier that night. So I had no way to tell time no source of light except for the flashlight in my hand. My laser and the candle I just brought in case I was sitting with my back in the far corner of the room flashlight pointing straight at the door the other side of the room.

The beam of light danced on the wall across from me as my hands shook terrified, although I had no idea what had been stalking me that day.

It started as I was coming back from the old house from the store. I didn't have a care so I biked carrying my groceries in two plastic bags in a crate hooked up to the rear of my bike.

When I got home, I noticed that I was missing a bag of groceries. It must have fallen off when I was riding home. Thinking it was nothing more than just unfortunate luck. I picked up one bag and headed inside after all I could come up after all I could do without canned goods for a few days. I opened the door and almost immediately tripped on something piled in a heap at the foot of my door just inside the house. The groceries from the bag I was holding fluids DNS scattered as they hit the ground. When I looked back to see what tripped me there was a sloppy pile of canned food. Since I never locked my door I simply dismissed it as a Good Samaritan Act from someone who had lived in the area and was too shy to introduce themselves. I picked up the food and stored it away my kitchen.

It was getting to be about nighttime so I headed upstairs to my bedroom got a good book at the switch on my bedside lamp in trench myself in a good story. As the night went on, I started to hear weird noises coming from downstairs in the kitchen. I told myself it was just my imagination because every time I would notice the sounds they would stop. And when I went back to the story they would just pick back up again. My imagination would do that to me from time to time.

Before I was able to finish my chapter, the lamp light flickered out. I put my book down still open and pages down to save my spot. I went down the main light. Unfortunately, it didn't come on either.

The power was out. As I tried to remember what the circuit breaker was the noises from downstairs resumed. It sounded like someone rummaging around my kitchen.

I grabbed a flashlight from my nightstand drawer about from underneath my bed and headed downstairs. Each of the steps creaking on my way down. When I got to the kitchen the noises had stopped. But ready I pointed my flashlight all around to see where the intruder was but saw no one.

What I did see was canned food that I'd recently put away stacked neatly in a pyramid fashion just beneath the kitchen table.

I swallowed hard thinking that someone was either playing a prank or some sick twisted game slowly crept towards the table feet wet from orange juice and milk that spilled all over the floor.

When I got close to the table, I can hear breathing coming from beneath a stoop to look down but saw nothing.

Slowly I reached out to touch the pyramid of cans. As soon as my hand made contact the CANS scattered. It was this. It was as if something burst through them scattering them in all directions.

I fell back into the slug flow and drop the flashlight. As I frantically grass for the light. I heard the sound of feet splashing through the puddles on the floor ran out of my kitchen.

I got up and slowly followed the footprints made of juice and milk texture was struck me as odd was that they weren't human footprints. They were the same width and length but the toes were so much longer. Almost as long as fingers I followed them towards the front door whether it disappeared or relaxed a little just thankful that whatever it was was gone, but I didn't lose my grip on the back. Slowly I walked backwards towards the stairs again, planning on locking myself up in my room and waiting in the morning.

As I did sounded like something where I hid the wooden floor in front of me. I pointed my flashlight down to the floor and my heart stopped. There was no footprint. This one pointed directly at me. I took another step back another West slap another footprint.

I turned ran, tripping up the stairs but making it up to my room. I slammed the door Shar locked in and push the bed up against it. knocking my own book down in the process.

I sat the bat down on the bed for a second and grabbed my lighter and a candle out of my nightstand just in case I would need. That's when I had the first squeak whatever it was, it was mounting the first step in the staircase.

Frantically I ran to the opposite side of the room where there was a door that led to a spare room. Upon hearing the second step creak I threw open the door which didn't have a lock and run inside headed to the far corner. I sat there quietly breathing heavily heart pounding in my ears.

I realised that I left my bat on the bed but was convinced by the creaking of the third and fourth step that it wasn't worth going to get it as I sat there counting the steps as they correct 6789 10 It was getting closer.

My hands shook as a tear and down my cheek what was going on 15 6070 I tried to control my breathing after a while I was trying not to be found 1920 21 My heart pounded louder. Sweat flattens my hair to my head and the shaking became worse 2223 24 When knockos was white as I clench the flashlight huge beam was now bouncing all over the wall, rarely landing on the door 25 it had reached the second floor.

Slowly the footsteps got closer as it approached my room. I heard the lockdown and the door creak open and the bed scrape across the floor. I heard the bat rattle against the word as it fell off the bed. Still the footsteps continued. Pages turned as whatever it was picked up my book and looked for it. Then came a Fudd as it dropped.

I began to rummage through modules and my sheets as if looking for something.

Then everything was still quiet.

The silence was only broken by my quiet subs and heavy breathing and the pounding of my heart is stayed like this for seem like a few minutes and the footsteps continue closing the distance between air and the spare room.

The door slowly creaked open lingering ajar momentarily my heart was ready to leave out of my chest. My mouth was dry and sweat stopped my clothes to my skin. This was it for as I waited for something to come into the room nothing happened. Again came the excruciating silence this time lasting for what felt like hours on end. Nothing happened. And I was starting to believe that whatever it was had lost interest and left. So I sat in my corner flashlight trained them the door opposite of me slowly returning to a calmer state of mind.

After God knows how long my flashlight flickered out, leave me in complete darkness.

Frantically I reached for the lighter and flicked it on my gaze shot towards the door and it's still nothing. I looked around the room.

Not nothing. Slowly I got out and crossed the room to the door. I closed it and sat my back against it just in case.

Still silence rain.

Finally I let out a sigh of relief. It was gone. I went to flip on the light switch but the power was still out. So I lit the candle instead. And that's when I became aware of something standing in the opposite corner of the room. My heart froze in my chest and my lungs refused to work. It hadn't been there before but it was now in a frenzy to get up and run. I had knocked the candle over and it went out I grip the door handle but it wouldn't budge. I was stuck locked inside with God knows what.

I searched the floor for the light and flicked it on. I looked around but the being was gone. Again I was alone breathing heavily. I found the candle all the while keeping my gaze in the far corner where it been just moments before.

Once I brought the lighter once I brought the lighter to the wick life was breathed into the candle it reappeared in the far corner exactly as it had been before the candle gave it away.

The first thing I noticed were its feet flat long and incredibly bony. Its body was built the same way abnormally skinny like a holocaust victim. Just skin wrapped in bone.

It was short to like a child. It only came up to my waist if that it's nobody arms were just long enough that it's long skinny fingers reached the ground as it stood straight up.

Even worse, it wore the remains of a tattered old Greek cloak draped over his shoulders.

His face was something that was beyond words to describe as best as I can. It was bald, pale and had no ears or nose that I could see. The mouth was thin and lack proportion much like the rest of its body and the eyes. The eyes were round and lifeless black orbs that simply reflected the candle why?

As I stared at his eyes, it seemed to calm me down. My heart rate slowed my breathing steadied and the urge to run faded away.

Something about its eyes can be gazing into, unable to move, not wanting to even if I could.

I began to realise that have followed me for quite some time, not just since the grocery store but had been there when I was a child watching me. Waiting for me had followed me since then. It had a purpose for me. I can feel its gaze drawing me in helping me realise that I belonged.

I stepped forward slowly putting one foot in front of the other, dragging its fingers across. It stepped forward slowly putting one foot in front of the other, dragging its fingers across the ground.

He came right up next to me, his gaze never leaving mine. As I stared down at it, and it up to me is slowly raised one arm holding out its long thin hand.

Its fingers were about twice my size, and I knew normally this would be something to be afraid of. But as I gazed into the light reflected off its eyes I began to forget my name, my past and myself.

I took its hand and pat it I took its hands and it patted my hand up itself at hand. I took the candle and it led me out the door, down the stairs and into the yard. Together we walk down the street and up to the forest, the candle lighting our path.

I stopped at the edge of the woods in the back to the city the creature tugs on my arm insisting that I follow.

I looked into it sighs and all the worries were gone. Somehow I knew I had to hurry because the office were waiting. I was not the first one he had found nor would I be the last. I was going to join the others.

I kept on walking following the path that had led me down, lit by a mixture of candle and moonlight as we strode the wind.

As we strove the wind picked up and the candle was blown out. It dropped to the forest floor with a fog.

I looked around frantically for my guide but it had disappeared. Still there was a grip on my hand put me down the path lit by moonlight. I would never be seen again.

The harpy crew source cin writes.

All of us had just got off work from various jobs, call centres, restaurants, offices. One of us even worked for RSPB a nature conservation organisation. We've all been friends since high school and through these meetups, our bonds had stayed as strong as they were since then.

There was a nest of crow hatchlings arbitrary near us. That would not stop screaming and screeching for their mommy.

atonic conversations are how annoying these little words were being and the conversation naturally progressed to how we all hate it to close. Before long some of us were throwing stones and twigs at the nest, me included with the aim of knocking it down.

The only one who wasn't joining in was Gary who worked for the RSPB. Not only not only was he angry, he was scared.

Don't hit the nest, he started surveying the air anxiously. The wrath and vengeance of the mother crow in that particular species is something incredible. Don't tell me you've never heard of the Harpy crow.

There was a guy who had a nest of hobby crows in his shed, not knowing how raffle these birds were thinking them PES. He put down poison mix with birdseed. The crows ate the mix all but one of them died. The crow that survived ill and the man sought to finish it off with a golf club.

Now it put up an awesome fight and disarm the metaphor scratching his face now for body with its talons. The razor sharp claws cut through his skin like a hot knife through butter. The man looked up to see its face for the first time. It looks more human than crow with a pale featherless skin, a heavy brow and a flat mouth which opened to reveal a set of gleaming jagged teeth. The old man would have had its life taken away if it weren't for a neighbour hearing the commotion and coming to his aid. The neighbour managed to kill the crow before a focus full attention on him. Both men have been very lucky the first victim especially now the rest of us just rolled her eyes in high school Gary was always telling ghost stories, and taking seriously many urban legends and conspiracy theories.

None of us knew whether the heartbreaker was a real species of bird, but we all know the tone of voice Gary used when he was about to explain another city story Gary, I interjected before we could get another word out. Nobody cares.

And a bunch of wait my sentence I flew one more rocket the nest and in not to clean off the tree. It fell screaming chicks and all to the ground with a sickening crunch. Though that wasn't the noise that made me queasy. When the crows got closer to the ground. Obviously sensing that death the screams changed from cries of hungry birds to cries a frightened children frightened human children the death of the birds that killed the mood of our meetup completely. There was now an awkward melancholy at home. The only one who didn't feel guilty was Gary C was terrified. His eyes still scanning the skies. We all agreed to call it a day and meet up tomorrow.

A walk through the park alone heard and haunted by the sound of those young birds. I couldn't stop those few seconds from replaying in my head over and over again.

It was beginning to get dark because I continued to tread across the grass and under the trees I had fluttering behind me. When I looked over my shoulder I saw a black bird perched on the tree quite high up simply just observing me.

I shot it and carried on. The bird could have simply been minding his own business and I can feel his eyes fixed directly on me who was watching me and after Gary's shitty little story and uneasiness couldn't come at a worse time.

I looked back again and I hadn't heard the bird move but it was now perched on one tree closer to me and lower down closer to my level.

It's only a bird I fought. Even if it does attack me with wrath and vengeance. It's a bird or when the fight.

He chuckled.

Even with that mantra in my head, I was getting increasingly freaked out and paranoid. The bad was after me, the manager disappeared. The fall of what would happen if reach me no longer answered my mind simply that it shouldn't. It couldn't. My breathing became staggered as I quickened by pace. I had to reach home, I'd be safe there. I could feel the sweat coat my forehead and run down the small of my back. I didn't want to look back again and I didn't. I just wanted to get home lock the door. I'm relaxing the security of my personal sanctum.

I wanted to laugh this silly little spell of bird fear that gripped me.

I looked over my shoulder. The Crow was perched on the branch directly over my head above where I stood several seconds ago. Now I could see it properly. His body and wings were coated in feathers. So Black was like looking like look.

Its body and wings were coated in feathers so black the looking at it was like peering into a shaped car from a starless night sky. But its face was even more terrible. Its face was a human's face. It was the harpy crow.

I stood still staring at the heartbreaker and wonder my body not move even though my brain willed it. The Crow was just as still almost like a statue. The more I looked at his face, the more it looked like my face except pale. It's small BDI is devoid of any spark of life. Or so instead just jet lag. Like the eyes of ordinary crow.

The current broke the tense stalemate by moving forward and open its mouth bearing its razor sharp rows of teeth.

Its mouth was far more horrifying and dangerous than any of Gary's stories could ever give proper justice to.

I turned and ran I had to get back home I had to My nose is running as I sprinted and my heart was beating so fast it was causing me pain in my chest. But still I sprinted. I sprinted into my legs protested into my feet was sore really filled me as I finally reached my front door. I took out my keys, but in my haste and nerves, I couldn't slot the right key correctly into the hole.

A large part of me wanted to look behind this I did this but my reasoning was frankly strong enough to stop me. I knew it was right behind me. I could sense it.

Finally I got the door open both inside closed and locked the door.

I collapsed into my armchair. I didn't move for several minutes as my buddy calm down.

I looked out my lounge window looking for the harpy crew that I know had been following me. But it was nowhere to be seen. Maybe it was still in the park relieved I went upstairs to my bedroom and switch my computer on the curious side of me kept urging me to research more about the hobby try but I couldn't.

I was beginning to work up a small fever so I opened the window wide and went back to browsing the web. What I needed right now was the distraction. Explanation can wait until I was ready for it. Maybe I'd ask Gary tomorrow if he knew anything else about the bird.

Nothing else happened until 10 at night. I thought I saw something out the corner of my eye out of the second floor window. too scared to look and see I kept my eyes glued to the PC screen. But no amount of distraction could distract my mind from the returning paranoia.

I swallowed and mustered up all of my courage. Then I turned to the window and shut it off and once Swift, panicked motion, nothing. It was nothing.

There was nothing out there but darkness nothing visible in the window, but the reflections of my room of safety and comfort. I sighed with relief and drew the curtains sharp and then went sleep the next morning I drew the blinds back and outside my window scattered on the ledge of black feathers. The Crow was outside my window last night after.

Then an even more disturbing revelation dawned on me. It wasn't my face. It's reflection I saw in the window last night. Songbirds soars. the coming storm. I've always loved songbirds. I've always loved any type of bird quite frankly. That's why Richard Percy, I'm a zoo ologists I love animals too much to not do something in that field. The pay wasn't great, but being able to live my dreams was perfect.

Because of the lack of money. I haven't been able to keep a steady relationship, which is a shame because I'd always wanted kids. Oh well. Too far past my prime now.

I looked over my four acre plot of land settled on the edge of Westballz and Massachusetts from my porch of my 200 year old Greek Revival Victorian house was moderately sized certainly big enough for a man living all alone for its salt for its faults and songbirds are watched as a storm clouds slowly came rolling along the horizon. The land below was instantly cast in the shadows and darkness. A shrill rumbling emanated from the direction of the storm. It was a sound similar to the sound of that a hammer makes when driving nails into cedar coffin.

There I go with my obsession for the McCobb and morbid I say under my calm stoic breath, which was slowly being taken away as the mockingbirds tweeted despairingly, semi mournfully in that not too far off distance.

When the fundamental grand crescendo from the sound of hammers on the wood and the sound of 1000 volleys of cannon fire, I decided to head indoors. There I made an afternoon coffee on my dinner. I always cook from scratch out some stupid fear of being laughed out of town by the snobby stuff, the snobby who just so happens to live in the same town as I Christ and He knows the word. I chuckled to myself herbs. The absurd Ford. Just then the power went out. Great. I thought pessimistically no dinner tonight, and I sure as hell not going to go out there and fix the fuse in this shitstorm I decided to just go to bed. I trudged up the stairs to the bedroom, passing several closed doors. That had nothing but dark rooms covered in furniture.

I got into the bedroom and look to the clock is said in blinking lights. 8:30pm Nevermind, I'm gonna lay in bed at least wait for the storm to pass the visitors doing nothing but twiddling my fingers and staring off into the dark corners of my room. I lay still for about an hour. Then I hear a knock at the door. Sighing I dragged myself back downstairs to answer the door.

I tried the lights on the way down but the power was still out. As lightning flash the house would light up for 1/10 of a second at a time. Long enough to watch the shadows turn to the rotting talons of some long dead anonymous school. Long enough to see the faces of family portraits turn into unknown demons brought to life the darkest nightmares conjured up by the collective minds of say Lovecraft Poe Stoker Hoffman even married long enough to see the face it's controlling unworldly snares and grimaces fuckin with my own head again. I said aloud. Why the fuck do I do that?

As I made my way down the staircase, the knocking got quicker, more desperate or anxious must be dramas. I joked to myself, mostly to keep my mind off the McCobb and morbid thoughts that I gained a love hate relationship with.

I opened the door and tried my absolute best not to make eye contact with whomever was on the other side of the door. Both in black suits tall, thin, frail and pale as all hell. They boasted side by side in a monotone that particularly drove me nuts. Left he said my name. Mr. Percy. I couldn't tell if he was asking me or telling me something. Yeah. What do you want are responding. He was still pouring out or can be so important. They couldn't wait for tomorrow. We need you to come with us. We need you to come with us. Right he stated with a harsh tone. They both flashed a badge that said nothing but the affiliation they were with and some governments still. You've got to be kidding me. I said that I read the organisation name.

cryptozoology was all I needed to read. You're definitely screwing me. Where's the camera? I insulted them. No cameras. Were both serious. They both stated like a couple of robots. Okay, let's just pretend you are serious. What makes you think I know anything about cryptids? Well, for starters, for the most qualified, Lefty snared. Listen, man, I love animals, not stories. You're coming. Right? He pitched in? Oh, I asked. As a rhetorical question. The answer wasn't so rhetorical. It's like a fist in the face.

The confusion?

I came around dizzy and disorientated Yes, but at least the taste of dome My mouth was finally gone. Above the wearing of the helicopter I could hardly make out a voice it was soft, with a strong undertone.

But highly doubt you had to get so violent. The voice clearly irritated. And matter of fact, the breaking the long silence. I heard what almost sounded like lefty to say our job was to get him over to you, Dr. Mathias. He's here. So we did our job. Don't make us come into yours to the government trust you.

After about a minute of listen to the incessant noise slowly diminishing into the distance Dr. Boss's face stepped into the tent.

Hello Richard. My name is Dr. Mathias. Please for the sake of convenience call me Matt. He held his hat and half expecting me to shake in two words. Hell no. If someone practically kids me and expects me to take an innocent like into them, they have enough in common figuring there's no out this I gave in and shook his hand. Yeah, I heard that. I stopped myself before guessing that he wouldn't know who the hell I was talking about. If I said lefty, you heard the agent say my name. He gets like it read my mind. Yeah, what was his name? He was pleasurable enough guy. Hey, maybe you should get his number two seems like the kind of person who likes to chit chat.

So sarcastic but in case he was serious, I don't even know his name. Matt said with a chuckle. I hope to God that he knew I was being sarcastic. I don't think I'll be able to make whatever we were doing it out alive. If I couldn't be sarcastic and not have people know what I was saying. Let me give you a little briefing for the next couple of months. We're going to be working with cryptids I interrupted. Yes. cryptids. But how did you know? Matt's face group REM which really unsettled me. I read it on agents badge thing. Right? Yes, we're going to be working with cryptids the fingers we don't know anything about it. Yeah, that's kind of why we're here. Well, if we know anything about it, then it wouldn't be a cryptid now would it? I asked him condescendingly that is true. Anyways, get up. I'll show you the rest of the team.

Matt didn't need to tell me twice by now lost all feeling in my legs and my arms are starting to fall asleep too. I guess that what happens when a shady looking government official knocks you out cold.

Outside of the tent. I saw countless other people sitting around talking or work in the camp. I assume the later to be interns. Remember how much of a bitch internship was? Let me show you the rest of our team. Matt said cheerfully. This is Jessica Bryce Doyle and Zack, what are your speciality is I wondered out loud.

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