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Hospital horror stories

September 26, 2021 That Haunted Show Season 2 Episode 19
That Haunted Show
Hospital horror stories
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Hola! It's Lou here back at it again for your listening discomfort. In today's episode i've done my homework and found some amazing stories about haunted hospitals and peoples scary experiences while working in them.

I don't know why I hadn't covered hospitals sooner, they seem to hold so much energy and have potential to house so many spirits. And well with some of these stories they'll have you second guessing that thing you see in the corner of your eye next time you're in one.  

Hope you're ready.

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Welcome back to That haunted Show Hope we are keeping well. Today, we're going to be keeping live audit my audio sounds terrible. Today we're going to be keeping up with a scary theme.

Because basically, I just looked on where I upload my podcast. My distributor can think of it and yeah, we have literally had our busiest week ever.

In fact, our busiest months like yeah, we're always on the rise and it goes up gradually, bit by bit, which is yeah, like really amazing. Really good. But oh my god.

We have shot up and yeah, that was the best month I think we've had in Yeah, it kind of blew my mind a bit. So thank you all for listening and let's get on with it on gonna quickly look on the Apple podcast. See if we got any new reviews and ratings and all that. Which, who knows we might do.

Yeah, a lot of people said about now the latest episode, the hiking horror stories. Quite a lot of people enjoyed it. And I mean, I thought it was pretty scary. Like, I was actually pretty proud of that.

So I'm glad a lot of people enjoyed it. So we still got an on writing. So that's good. That's good. I mean, if you want to help out the show, you know what to do. Help us out by doing a review on Apple podcasts or any way you listened to the podcast, actually, anywhere would be really helpful if you can leave a rating on Spotify or Amazon music, but it would be very helpful. So if you get that would be amazing.

I'm trying to think of what for news we've got so Monday night we're going to be doing that haunted new show which will be fun, something exciting. I've been looking forward to doing as well as the streams have been going well on Twitch which are Wednesday and Friday night at seven o'clock GMT time. So wherever you are, it's 7pm in the UK it seems like the not the majority, but I think about 35% or 40% of my listeners are in the UK so that's pretty handy. But we are beginning pretty big in Australia for some reason don't know why, but Australia seems to fucking be shooting up lately from having like no views that having loads actually. So yeah, that was quite interesting. Let's have a look, shall we? So now if we go locations so let's have a look at it, shall we? Yeah. 50% us Oh, Jesus. We've dropped actually we're only 29% in the UK.

Oh, Canada and Australia. Join so hey, they got to Canada and Australia.

That's pretty cool. We're huge in Walsall and England. pretty huge in Columbus, Ohio.

Atlanta, Georgia. Nice. Like even England, bigger. Frankfurt we go again, top notch.

And then Sydney, New South Wales Nice. Yeah man, Denver, Colorado. Yo. So yeah, it's all going good. I'm fucking buzzing. Like, oh, yeah, we're big in Honolulu. Sick.

That's pretty cool. That's pretty cool. I look at the stars and it fucking cheers me out when I'm depressed.

I've probably rambled on enough. This episode may be pretty long. So I should probably get on with it.

So this episode, as you can probably tell from the title is all horror stories from hospitals. And yeah, I should probably put a warning on these some of these very scary like the hiking episode. They do get a bit dark. I haven't read them all thoroughly. I kind of skim read them to make sure they're all good and not like the Valentine's episode.

But we shall proceed, shall we? So this one is called a night of hell. And the sources My name is Kurt and in the year 1949. I was 19 years old, and the head security guard at Sedwick County Hospital in Wichita, Kansas. 1939 might seem like a long time ago to some of you youngsters out there, but believe me, it's not. I remember it just like it was yesterday. The old counting tuberculosis Ward had just closed down and we're in the middle of transporting patients to the temporary board with setup in our hospital.

It was late for about two weeks before Thanksgiving and the weather had started to turn foul.

On that day, it was supposed to storm and oh boy storm it did.

I was working the late shift 6pm to 6am in the emergency ward that night she came in. I knew right away something was amiss, by the way. They were bringing the old Packard for youngest folk out there. That was a car company that made ambulances back then into the bay. Damn near at full speed. I stepped out into the bay to offer systems bringing in the patient. The scar of his dog with clouds and the first few drops of rain from the storm to come was dropping lightly from the sky. The medic jumped out of the back of the waggon his face was pound drawn, glancing over at me, as he mentioned for my assistance, so I joined him at the back of the waggon while we got tonight Rick I asked by arriving at the rear of the waggon Rick was older than me maybe 25 or 26 but he didn't look much older. He was wearing his why on why medic uniform with a large red crosses on the shoulders and the initials EMS embroidered under them. I can still remember the look of concern on his face when he spoke to me. Got down Kurt, you're not gonna believe this one. He pulled the gurney from the back of the waggon and I set my eyes on that for the first time. She was a small last maybe five two or five three, and a buck 20 at the most. her red hair was dark and matted to her forehead. She appeared to be soaked from head to toe. Much too wet for the light drizzle that was coming from the sky. She was strapped to the gurney with the wide lever straps that were usually reserved for larger patients that were having fears. I tend to rig about twice what the hell was going on when she suddenly lunged forward breaking the strap on her left arm as if it was a shoestring. She swung a freehand on my face and open palms using our nails as if they were closed some wild cat.

I pulled back within mere moments of losing an eye.

Jesus Christ. I shouted as I instinctively step back away from the flailing claw. Jesus can't help you now your mind his son of a bitch or mine. The woman growled at me. Her voice sounded hoarse and gravity as if it had been screaming for days and there are only a few good working chords left. Jack who had been driving the waggon step from behind me grabbed her loose arm trying to force it back into the side of the gurney. Jack was a young man about my age and built a lot like me to standing about six foot tall and weighing around 220 pounds. What I saw next it's hard for me to believe to this day, even though I saw it with my own eyes. That little woman picked jack up in orders mass with one arm and slung him to the ground as if it was nothing more than a sack of potatoes.

I was stunned. overcome with fear and confusion, the rain hammering down on a torrent as Rick was shouting for me to grab a fucking arm before she did more damage. But I could barely hear and wait for the beating of my own heart. I shook off the initial shock and grabbed hold of her free arm. She tried another swipe at my face. Using all of my 235 pounds. I tried to force her arm down to the side of the gurney. So Rick could fasten another leather strap, but I felt like it was more holding on to the armour for wild red berries than the arm of a diminutive patient that was lying on the gurney in front of me after what seemed like an hour struggling trying to gain control Jack reappeared with several nurses and Dr. Hammer and apparently he had gotten wise and ran inside the hospital for more help after being tossed to the ground. Nurse brown helped me hold the patient's freedom while Dr. H tried injecting into our arms still restrained by the leather strap. Despite the combined weight of nurse Brown and myself, the patient was still backing him while the freshing back and forth lifted me off my feet in several instances. The bucking made the injection difficult. And when Dr. H pulled the needle from the patient's arm, a lot of run freely down her shoulder. That should calm her down. But it may take a few moments. before it kicks in. Let's get the arm strained and struck back down. Talk to hate shouted over the inherent shouts and obscene at either continually strained from the patient. With Jack nurse Brown, Dr. H and myself. We managed to hold a free arm long enough for Rick to fasten enough a thick level restraint around our wrist to the bottom of the gurney.

We managed to move the patient into the hospital probably getting her into room one being the closest to the ambulance bay doors and all the while she barked and spat and screen sometimes just pure obscenity sometimes and what sounded like a foreign language but it never ceased. Several times she had to frost her tongue out and it seems that it would tear from her mouth and fall to the floor. Meanwhile, the storm would reach the Tempus lightning brought the windows to brilliant white flashes while thunder rock the variables of the building. You will all roast in the fires of hell and be damned the horrors of Satan echoed through the halls of the hospital as the patient continued her barrage of obscenity blasphemies and insane laughter I was right in the room with her trying my best to keep calm. Though to be honest. I've never been so scared in my life all my life.

I've been in the rooms of mentally ill the suicidal how even the homicide during the course of my job. But nothing ever bothered me half as much as their little woman strapped to the gurney with restraints designed for men three times their size. I can explain it then. And I can't much explain it now. Other than somewhere deep inside I knew I knew I was in danger and not just the physical sense. First move gap between the privacy curtain and the wall of the patient's door. I could see Dr. H talking to Jack. I knew Jack had to be given Dr. H's notes on the patient so I move close so I could hear the conversation while remaining close enough to react. In case you decided to get frisky again.

I can barely make out what But Jack was saying over the patient describing to me how I was being sodomised by demons upon my demise. The quarter originally was of someone drowning in the Kansas River. Rick was saying his voice trembled slightly as he retold the story. When we arrived she was standing in the referred up to a waste and what has been freezing as water. And that's when we noticed the child. Child what child interrupted Dr. H. There was a child with HERSA about five maybe six years old. She was dunking the child's head into the river over and over again. We asked her what the hell she was doing and she heard that she was baptising her daughter in the name of Satan. Oh my god. Where's the child now? Down at the orphanage sir she was unharmed other than being cold to the bone. Rick finish that story with a shutter and that shook his entire body wreck and Jack left the hospital. Dr. H and I stayed with the patient. The dog looked troubled and had been over 30 minutes since the last injections were administered.

And the patient was still thrashing, shouting blasphemies and more obscenities.

Add to that the first storm raging outside and the flickering of the hospital lights that really seem to sync with the pitch of the patient's screaming and let me tell you, the shorts I was wearing that day and what not fit to ever be used again.

Finally the doc came to a conclusion. Nurse Brown and myself held the patient by by the shoulders using all our weight to try and study the patient as Dr. H gave another shot. He then grabbed up the patient's chart and wrote something hastily and stood staring at what he had wrote as if he was second guessing himself. Finally he resigns. Let our heavy science hos the charts on the counter where it landed. Dr. H turned to me and said she needs to be moved out back to the treatment centre. We can't have a disturbing the other patients is normally wildsound face was nearly paper why? I must have had a shocked look on my face as well because he placed his hands on my shoulder and said I know but under the circumstances he looked at the patient again who's still thrashing about just do it. Okay.

The treatment centre Doc can refer to it was an old brick style one storey building that sat in the back of the hospital. It was originally used when the hospital had been the Kansas Sanitarium back in 1926 for less than conventional forms of medicine, like electroshock therapy and light paths. There's just an empty building now. The last time it was used to store rabbit food when that swindler Russia convinced a bunch of people that rabbit fur coats were going to be the next big thing and turn the sanitarium into a damn rabbit farm. The dog left the room and form in that he would send brown back in as well as enough a couple of Aphogee on duty nurses to help transport the patient back to the treatment centre.

After he left I went straight to the patient's chart. I just had to know what the doc had written that bothered him so badly. Oh, how I wish I hadn't looked though. I guess now wouldn't have changed things if I hadn't.

I glanced through the chart it was mostly blank as no identification or vitals had been obtained. Until I saw the diagnosis line written there was simply free words that sent a bowl of ice cold fear down my spine.

It simply said possible demonic possession.

Now we all have been thinking a murmuring had floated around the nurses court since we brought the patient into the hospital. But see it written by a respectable doctor. It just made it too real. And not for last time that evening. I felt like I was going to run Brown and several other duty nurses came into the room and I quickly sat the chart down. Brown had informed me that they had moved the other patients to the east hole of the ER so we can move the patient without exposing anyone else to harm. The plan work well as we quickly move through the home, out the backside of the hospital and out into the storm.

Lightning flick it through the sky lighting the rear of the hospital so almost daylight illumination or thunder blasted are is thankfully deafening. I still sounds of maniacal laughter and horrible blasphemy still pouring from the young woman's mouth.

The sentiments dimly lit and smelled of rotting rabbit food and done even though these items hadn't been in the era of almost a decade, We willed the patient into the speciality treatment rooms that frankly had thick wooden door that could close.

Brown turn to me.

Dr. hammelmann wants you to stay here with the patient. His arrange for a counsellor of some sorts to you know, come and see.

You know when it gets you are to let him in and close the door and do not leave until it's finished. Understand.

I nodded noticing the sudden panic rise of my stomach freshening once again to make me bolts out of that building in the head straight for home.

It was an hour before anyone arrived at the treatment centre, during which time the patient never sees yelling obscenities and speaking in that strange language of the baby feel sick inside when I heard when he arrived I recognised him instantly as a Catholic priest. I couldn't believe it. I had known Dr. hammelmann Well before I'd worked for the hospital, and he never struck me as a religious type of man.

I was shocked enough at his diagnosis but to send a priest I nodded towards the priest as he walked towards me and simply said Father I've never been a religious man myself. So it wasn't sure if there was anything else I could, I should say or not. So I stood there feeling uncomfortable but the whole situation.

The priest finally spoke to me, Son, what is happening tonight must never be spoken off. Dr. hammelmann has told me that I could trust that of you. Is that so?

You? Yes father but what that was as far as I got before he walked past me into the room and firmly shut the door. At first everything was quiet for the first time that night. All I could hear was the tapping of rain against the metal roof of the centre. The thunder seem to have calmed as if the patient was still making noise but it didn't penetrate through the fake wooden door.

Then I heard it barely audible at first, but it was definitely there. It was the sound of chanting. I guessed it to be Latin based on the knowledge of the Catholics that did their prayers in Latin. Soon after the chanting I began to hear the patient again. Her high pitched voice echoed inside the room before spinning out into the hall through the door giving it an almost demonic tone than before.

What she was saying I could not tell you for again it was in that strange language. But it wasn't the same language as the priest was chanting whatever it was.

The priests voice rose chanting louder and more intensely. The patient's voice rose to match switching from the unknown language back to English and the things she was saying the blasphemy is to this day, I still cannot repeat not even type and they made me break into tears and I found myself apologising to God for even hearing such things.

The lightning and thunder it come back with a vengeance the strikes coming with such intensity and consistency. It was as if one continuous burst of electricity filled the air till it felt as if I was going to die from the anxiety of the situation. Suddenly a scream shattered for the centre driving me to my knees. The Scream was from nothing that ever walked this earth and it shook me to my very core of my being.

And then there was silence. I sat on my knees on the floor crying there for a good three minutes before I could regain enough composure to stand the storm and seem to have ended but there was no funder or sound of rain on the roof. There was no chanting no sound from the patient. So I stood staring at the wooden door wondering if I should open it and Jack will just leave it alone.

After about five minutes the door finally opened. The priest stood in the doorway. His grey face looked like he had been moulded from wax, blood dripped down his side. I think it was coming from his ear. Behind him. Leila patient, OSI or remember, until my death, a skin had gone and pale green colour. Her jaw look like he had been nearly torn from her face, leaving her mouth agape in a strange way that made me think something larger and called its way out of her corpse. Her tongue load outside of her mouth laying on her cheek and our eyes and rolled into her head leaving nothing showing but the whites. There wasn't any doubt that she was dead.

I quit the hospital that night after swearing to Dr. Hage and the priest again that I would never speak of the instant promise, I guess I've broken Not that it matters all the people who were there, or even my age or dead by now. Nothing ever came up in any of the papers. Not that I expected anything like that to ever be reported. The hospital closed and was torn down and 50 free and there's nothing left but a broken sidewalk. And a barren field. But that night did happen. And let me tell you, it changed my life.

That five unknown sores are sitting up holding my head in my hands. I was in so much pain. The nurse said I'd passed out score and been sent here. She literally said that. Now that was sent to a hospital that I was sent here.

The lights blinded me and I noticed the doctors walked through the door. I don't know how I knew it was a doctor, I guess only from the white coat he wore he had no equipment and carry no clipboard, but I knew he had to be a doctor. I hoped he had some painkillers in my head. I hope to come over to me, but instead he made me let the boy from bed one out of the room.

It was only about three hours later I realised something. I've been sleeping for two hours as advised by the nurse but the boys still hadn't come back. Bed one was empty. I was confused by this but there was no reason to ask I felt like deaf and the nurse wasn't there. She was instead feeding the boy opposite me like a baby.

For more hours. It was dark now around 10pm It was cold even though the nurse insisted that the heating was on. The lights was still blinding and then the doctor returned he noticed the girl sitting in bed to looking lightheaded and powerless. No. I can almost imagine the cold touch of a hand. The doctor made a signal one that said follow me. The girl rose to her feet beside him obviously unstable yet he didn't help her. He left that to the nurses as the old girl was taken from the room. After one hour I felt nervous that the nurse next to me on her shoulder. Excuse me, but what did that boy go? I asked politely. Sorry, patient confidentiality. She stated.

She saw my disappointed face and leaned closer towards me. Okay, but you can't tell the other nurses. I nodded that she began the boy in bed one Taylor. He was incredibly ill. He's been here for days and not got better. The doctor decided he did a six hour long operation. Unfortunately, Taylor died within the fourth hour.

I sighed and looked away. What about the govern bet to the nurse side as if trying not to give out too much information, but began again. Anyway. Jesse was admitted yesterday. She's just gone for a checkup.

I nodded to show it understood and grabbed my head in pain. Are you okay? Would you like some morphine?

I was about to decline when that headache hit again about question. I nodded my head. I felt the scratch needle on the skin of my arm and the immense pain as a needle felt like it passed through my arm.

I didn't know what the time was. I'd been asleep apparently. Morphine had made me even more tired. And this late the nurses didn't seem surprise. I noticed that bed free was empty. But I had no strength to art school get the nurses attention. I felt we sleep even recognise the doctor from before standing at the door talking to a nurse before approaching bed for then lightly off. It's the boy disappeared from the ward and everything seemed to cold.

I was the only child here. All the nurses were wandering aimlessly. That was until a boy reached the door and was helped in the bed six, four hours or reached out for the nurse but she either ignored me or didn't notice I was stronger than before, but I still felt pretty weak. I managed to sit up and notice bad ones still empty. But the point was dead. But to maybe the girl was discharged. What about free for nurse I managed to call and the same nurse who spoke to me earlier rushed to my side. What happens a bed free and for the nurse side 10 minutes. Wait 10 minutes okay. I found that the nurse shaking a little I just want to know what happened. I ordered Danielle needed to scan Phillip needed to be put down. Now don't talk to me until after 10 minutes. The nurse walked off in the storm leaving me confused. Edwin Taylor died on the operating table. But to Jessie went for a checkup and never came back. Bed free. Danielle went for a scan and still hadn't returned. bed for Philip was put to sleep. Why?

It's illegal to put people to sleep. Right.

Then I sat up and realised then the doctor began walk into my bed and I wanted to scream.

I tried bunk, my voice was dead. I was weak and I kicked him floud but I felt a number of months pain in my shoulder and soon fell into a blackout.

Beeping was my company. I forced my eyes open to a woman in a mask. I felt the holding the hand. My offer was locked in place on my side even though there was nothing to hold it there.

There were machines and tools all around which scared me. There was a blinding light position to stare right back into my face. The woman's eyes were all I could see a soft Hazel colour. Yeah, they had a green tint.

You're being so brave. That one said what? Where am I? Still here? The woman replied and I could tell she was smiling. But if I'm ask, why are we going to make you better? I only had a headache. I'm fine now. That woman laugh. They all say that. I had the door to my right open and then swing shot that's just the doctor. Don't move your head. I try it but it was stuck just like my arm. I felt so confused. I wanted to pull away from my hand holding mine but my hand was frozen in its position. The nurse kept staring directly at me. I don't want this you don't have permission so quickly. My voice started shaking. The woman laughed again. It doesn't work like that sweetheart. What are you going to do? I said quickly. First we need to inject another dose of something. You'll feel a sharp scratch but that's all a sharp scratch them way too much pain. I have the feel of liquid on my skin. I managed to pull my frozen hands in the fist. There was so much pain yet no screen. You lied or whispered in pain. The nurse didn't reply and suddenly there was a sound of a machine. Something horrible that made my eardrums want to burst. What are you doing? I said don't worry sweetheart. Just keeps don't focus on me. No Get off. I want to know which doing I promise you won't feel a thing.

I wanted to scream but something stopped me the horrible sound match the agonising pains of follow. Something was digging deep into my forearm and every time I moved slightly agony filled me. I couldn't scream I couldn't even cry. What are you doing? Stop it. It hurts What?

The pain was too much. I felt the limb detach. I felt liquid and I felt my fingers itching even though they were no longer mine. It hurt my body aches with effort to move which is no matter how many times I tried. Don't worry. Part one is nearly over.

I felt the same pain but now just above my knee my left leg stopped what kind of hospital is this? This. This isn't a hospital city the nurse loved and I heard the doctor join in a little What am I just do here? I tilted my head back and that did nothing to help the pain. I still wanted to scream. I wanted them to stop.

I stared up to lie in front of me and finally my voice released a petrified scream you're not here anymore whisper sad. Then it hit me bad one Tyler died on the operating table bed to Jessie didn't get her checkup. Bed Danielle never got a scan bed for Philip was put to sleep. I was in bed five.

Bed six the poor boy in bed six. Not much older than maybe eight. He was going to die die in a hospital where people are meant to be helped. But then again, this wasn't a hospital. Although it may look like one. It really isn't. I didn't see the science quick enough especially the most obvious one. But a doctor was wearing a white coat. He was wearing a lab coat. Lily stared up from bed one until the dog seelen Nurse, smiling nurse looked over. Lily found a happy mood but continued nevertheless. What happens to the other people? I'm sorry? patient confidentiality. Please, Lily said the one side leaned in with a secretive smoke. Fine, but don't tell the other nurses. Lily nodded quickly before leaning in towards the boy in bed one sadly died in an operation though go after that went for a checkup. Danielle in bed free got a scan. Philip had to be put down Hannah was moved to a different ward.

Lily looked across the room as the daughter called over the boy in bed six. Where's he going? Then? The nurse was half frowning, half smiling. Just wait 10 minutes sweetheart hospital holes sorts It was a stupid idea. But I just wanted to see what was inside and what it was all about. It was scheduled for demolition. There had been plenty of times before but it always got delayed or cancelled. I just wanted to know what was behind all the rumours. No one else wanted to come with me and I had to go alone. Well, I didn't really want to go by myself but what was the worst I was gonna find hobos, some crates junkies, feral dog. I figured I could probably handle anything but I brought my knife anyway. The stories were just stories. There's no such thing as ghosts or like monsters.

I decided to start out at midday so plenty of time. To explore the building and there was still daylight. Even so I wasn't gonna stay in there during night. There was something off about the hospital and I had to know what it was hard to get in but I managed to find a broken window on the first floor of the West Wing. The room inside was a huge mess. Things have been smashed and thrown air flown around everywhere and the bed was lying on the side. sheets were strewn about and a small table would fold and various medical utensils were scattered across the room.

The scalpel was embedded in the firewall. I concluded that it probably been some stupid kids messing around figured they were cool for destroying things in an abandoned hospital.

There was darker than I'd first imagined I curse my poor memory wishing I'd remember to bring a flashlight just in case. I decided to try one of the light switches by the door on the left. Much to my relief and surprise it actually worked.

I didn't spend much time wandering by the door next less switches was hanging half of its hinges pushing out of the way I was headed into the corridor. It was even darker, very little light at all. There's a strange smell and it's slightly disturbing. And I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was exactly.

I felt my courage leaving this place was definitely creepy. No, I told myself there's nothing scary here. If there is anything else you can probably kill it.

With that I took in my surroundings. To my left the north there was an emergency exit and to my right the hallway continued into the building in complete darkness. I felt myself shudder as I looked down. I asked myself if the emergencies door still worked. Checking around in the dark. I could not find any switches nearby and I didn't want to leave the comfort in life the first room.

I was just about to head back when the lights in the corridor flickered on it scared me half to death. So I decided the lights in the other room was somehow connected to the hallway lights and there has been some sort of delay I guess.

I moved down the corridor in favourites last spittle. I saw a few dark empty rooms on the way a few creeks and a few little noises but our assertion there was just the building expanding in the afternoon he or something like that. What was strange was the corridor just went on like this for an impossibly long distance. For sure should have reached the end by now. I turn back to see how far to come some six doors down was the room I'd entered and the same emergency exit beyond it. That's when I'd had enough I went back to the room but it wasn't quite the same room. There was blood smeared all over the wall was if someone had painted it with their hands. The light seemed to have no source. I glanced around them for a window and there was not I couldn't understand. The room had been there just a minute ago. I stumbled out of the room and how to do forever along the corridor slammed shut. I slowly turned and looked behind me. Nothing there. Panic gripped me and I ran from the blood drenched room trying to find another way of the hospital. I ran and got nowhere for a long time.

After sprinted for what could have been minutes or hours I stopped, leaned against the wall and took a breath I managed to calm myself down. Finally, there must be some sort of reasonable explanation for this. Maybe took a turn without realising I thought to myself. Suddenly there was a series of loud groans and creaks behind me. To my right there was a new corridor. I walked over and investigated it no more than 10 metres away. It was a spiral staircase. It occurred to me the spiral staircases aren't usually found in hospitals. But with all the other weird crap going on. I wasn't going to question I went over to check how stable it was. I shook the handrail. It seems sturdy enough. The whole thing seemed to be made of some sort of black metal. I look back at the corridor. I knew if I went back there, I'd be trapped forever and I didn't take a turn and forget about it was this place.

The stairway was probably the most normal thing there. Nothing strange happens. I climbed up ended where are they expected and I walked off onto the second floor. It was enough record almost exactly like the last one on the it went from west to east. Looking behind me. I saw the stairs disappeared.

God I need to get out there has to be a way I thought I searched all the rooms in the hopes that I could find some way to get out. Some of them were ruined with objects thrown everywhere. Some of them filled with blood and disturbing symbols. Some of them were just empty. Eventually I came across a room with only a chair inside. It was standing up right in the centre of the room. It was old but I thought it was not important.

I continue my search for some sort of escape. As I was checking the next room I heard something wouldn't scrape along the ground several metres away. I turn back and saw the chair just sitting there. spooked I hasten My inspection, putting distance between me and the Chair. I just finished two more rooms when I heard it again. It was close to this time. I stared at it and it backed away. I blinked I heard the noise again.

Behind me this time. There wasn't even a metre between me in it. I blinked again. It was almost pressed against my legs. What the fuck I screamed at the chair at the hospital ever. The chair vanished. I was alone again in the never ending corridor. Let me the fuck out of here. The whole building was silent. And I waited for a second. Nothing happened. I went back to search in the rooms I had an awful feeling that made a huge mistake. It took me a while. It must have been hours before I worked it out. Slowly the lights were dimming out by how they grew more dull. Soon there will be no light only me whatever control at this place whatever like to paint them with blood trapped forever in the hospital.

The nightmare in the hospital. Sorts creepypasta dot fandom not calm inside the hospital about two years ago, along with three friends a b and c all girls. I went to a ruined hospital famous for hauntings. It was clear from the very moment we stepped into the building that there was something very wrong with this place. Since the cold air permeated inside despite being a hot summer's day. I felt the Goosebumps purple my skin for a while we kept walking around going from floor to floor and so we reached the inpatient ward.

There was a nursing station on the same floor and as soon as my friend ace or she remarked, I think I just saw someone there.

And that was the beginning of it all. We began to feel scared but we come to test our courage and none of us felt like turning back to go home. Yeah, we decided to divide up into twos and continue to prove the exploration. I paired up with a and we chose to explore around the nursing station. We were just messing around with the staff when a looking pale and shaking tapped me on the shoulder and said sorry shadow following be just as it went into one of the rooms at the end of the corridor. And immediately after that she asked me did you hurt your shoulder? Puzzled I looked over my right shoulder and some muddy water was smeared all over my white t shirt.

Because it was one of my favourite T shirts. I got annoyed and answered a in a sharp tone. Hey, did you do this when you tapped me on the shoulder just now.

A look surprised and said what? I never tapped you on the shoulder. I got scared and shouted angrily a saying Stop Stop pulling my leg at a time like this. But I answered straight faced. What are you talking about? I swear I never touched you beginning to feel scared for real. I suggested that we call B and C and quit the game and go home. A twosie scared and said even going anywhere near the room into which BNC disappeared was out of question. And so we figured we would just call out their names from where we stood. But no matter how many times we call their names, we didn't get any answers back. I was also reluctant to go near the place after all from what I heard about a and the shadow following B or so my right shoulder felt strangely heavy and painful. Then I asked me Shall we try a mobile? She tried calling B A A moment later heard a ringing tone coming from not the corridor where B was supposed to be but from the corridor opposite of it. They caught us totally off guard and that alone was bizarre enough but to our horror the person who wants it the call was stranger and unmistakeably, a man. I heard a start pleading into the phone asking again and again to let her talk to be in the end he gave up pleading and hung up. She said to me, maybe we should just go home by ourselves. It was then that he told me about the strange man who had just answered her. We were almost out of our wits and we rushed down the stairs at full speed. Once we were safely out of the hospital and back inside the car again we began to feel more relaxed and I said a Do you think we should call C that this time I tried to call C's mobile. Immediately I heard C's voice at the end of the line. Hey, where's beach? She just disappeared. You guys together. Don't tell me I'm the only one left behind No way.

She sounded unexpected. The cheerful and bright and we breathed a sigh of relief. We told her to get out of the building and come to us as soon as she could. And then we try calling beer again and there was still no answer. We bought a car up in front of the hospital gate and waited for see. Sometime later see appeared walking unsteadily on our fee.

I looked everywhere but there's no sign of B I tried a mobile but she wouldn't pick up I think something's up what should we do? See spoke excited there. She came closer to the car. We got her into the car and she told us what happened to them in the hospital. Recording see just as the pair entered with the rooms at the end of the corridor B somehow started poking at see us back repeatedly forcing her to look back over our shoulder. But when see turned around be it already disappeared. See gets to be lost on Earth and never come back to where A and I were and after receiving our calls he started looking for be on our own. She then heard a man's voice from the laboratory and being a brave girl she opened and checked every cubicle in there, but I can find no one. She kept yelling B's name but got no answer. So she decided to come out not knowing what else to do.

We were discussing about what steps we might take next when we saw b Come dashing towards the car wailing was such a relief and we opened the doors let her in but she wouldn't get in and he stood there crying and raving.

Just what were you thinking all of you ignore me like that? Do you know how many times I called you and you are planning to go home without me? Having sheltered does she suddenly fell down on the spot we were in a total panic and called the ambulance. He was carried to the hospital where she died of a stroke. They said it was too late but it seems strange considering that she was only 26 and that she was treated immediately after the she had fallen.

The paramedics also asked me what happened to my shoulder and that made me examine my right shoulder again. Then I realised what I thought was dirty water was actually some sort of darkened blood. And I'd also noticed that sees back was covered in numerous similarly bloody handprints but a year and a half of the instance he died of leukaemia and still a half year passed before he died in a car accident. Now I'm the only one who's still alive. I just had a stroke this main which left me paralysed on my right side, and I'm still in the hospital for rehabilitation, but my mind is at rest. Before I was admitted into the hospital, I was nearly driven mad with fear but it feels strange it is now that I'm actually inside the hospital. I wonder if hospitals are protected by some unseen force. It's very strange. I no longer have to

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