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Hiking horror stories

September 20, 2021 That Haunted Show Season 2 Episode 18
That Haunted Show
Hiking horror stories
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Guten Tag! It's Lou here back at it again for your listening discomfort. In today's episode we're going to be looking at some of the scariest hiking stories I could find. Now these are all creepypastas so  you know the drill. Be prepared for some creepy AF content.

We cover strange cult like groups, diseased cryptids, and urban legends and folklore. All jam packed into one great episode! 

Hope you're ready.

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Hello, and welcome back to That haunted show. I hope we're all doing well. It has been. It's been a really busy week actually, like we've started all the streaming. So I think I've done like three streams now or two. I can't even remember. I think it's free. Yeah, it's actually been pretty fun. So, like, quite a few of you came over and yeah, that's, yeah, it was nice. It was fun. So we kind of played what was it?

I can't remember the first game.

Not little nightmares. It was laser fear. Yeah, so we played laser fit, which was actually really good. Complete mindfuck of the game. But we finished that off. And now we're on to the Blair Witch and we started playing that last night and oh my god, that was that was scary. Like I was on edge for like the majority of their games.

We're nowhere near finished if you guys want to come along. The link to my Twitch is in my bio and I stream every Wednesday and Friday night at 7pm GMT English time. I don't know what that is for where you are, you'll have to look at because yeah, I am shipped with and shipped with keeping time I hope you guys are all doing well it's yeah, it's really just been busy. Like I've got so much planned and so much I want to do and we've collaborations I want to do which will be really good as well as we're going to start doing our Monday night news stream on the Instagram as well.

So yeah, it's like big plans for the Hornet show. Where are we going in place?

Finally, I mean, like I've always been super invested in the show, but it's hard to kind of work full time. Make time for the show, everything like that. So I'm trying I'm doing my best but I just want to say thank you again, to everyone who just kind of helped me out and been there and all that. It's beautiful.

Right? Before we start the episode, this is going to be I don't know if it's going to be really long. I don't know if it's going to be really long but it's going to be good. It's gonna be spooky. So hope you guys are up for it.

What the fuck

did you guys hear how loud that fucking thing was like my mic is still vibrating.

So I got these like hue, the Philips Hue play bars like on the back of my monitor mounted on the back which is like for use for my lighting and it just yeasted itself off the back of my monitor

alright, and I'm home alone definitely wanted this may be the last stream this may be the last episode you ever hear from me.

Fuck y'all.

Shit have now completely lost my arm after nearly dying.

Honestly during the show, I am going to die of fright or a heart attack somehow.

Right so before we start let's check the page wherever your apple podcasts or any new reviews

I mean we still got six it's all five stars. So thank you, everyone.

It's really nice. But if you do want to help, the best thing you can do is leave me a review. I know a lot of people don't actually listen on Apple podcasts anymore.

Actually ratings and reviews

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we've actually got Wait, if I go in there to Apple page. We've got nine reviews now.

We have four and a half stars. Someone gave us a one star review. But I can't see who fasted but now Fair enough. I mean if you don't like it, we're not everyone's cup of tea. So fuck you.

Now joking. But yeah, to everyone who's reviewed, I would read them out but they're not showing.

So thank you. I really appreciate it. Anyway, I've been chatting enough should we get on with the actual story now. So the first one is called. I found a diary while I was hiking in New Hampshire. And because these are actually like creepy pastors and official stories. I've got to credit sources. So this is off And it doesn't actually have a user on there so I just signed the website and if you want to see me don't but let's get spooky shit.

The diary was from a while ago 21 years according to the days it was sealed really well in a plastic wrap and awards type bag. If I hadn't hit the thing with my shovel was digging holes take a dump. I never would have found it. I wish that that would have been the case because I can't stop thinking about the stuff I read. I'm only going to share the fox parts but I'm leaving out the lady talking about how her and her husband was spending the month camping. Having a good time. There are just say five pages. Here's where it got weird.

Seventh of the second 94 7am Last night James Notley got woken up by ridiculous bright flash of lightning. There was no fun either. James said it must have been heat lightning. is probably right because it was disgusting, the hot and muggy all day. And once the sun went down, it got even more humid. We eventually got back to sleep this morning and the air seems a little less like a wet sponge. We're hoping to do 12 miles today, seventh of the second 94 8pm I don't even want to write this down because it's so gross. James asked me to do it anyway. So we're remember to report what we saw when we get to a ranger station. Like I could forget something like this. Anyway, here it is. All day while we walked we saw our animals deers, birds, raccoons. Squirrels, chipmunks, and even a black bear. That's pretty par for the course out here. But when we went off the path just for a little bit, well, James was staring at my ass for the last hour while we walked and I guess he got some ideas. We were stopped by the sight of something awful about 100 feet of the path. Well, many somethings strewn across a wide area are estimated to be a couple of 1000 feet where miscarried animals are all at different stages of development and with horrible seventh of the first 94 and 40 5am I'm not able to sleep after the events of yesterday. James of course is snoring like a buzzsaw despite the big flashlight, lighting the tent up? What the hell could have caused something like this to happen? I've heard about animals going to find a safe place to die when they're sick or old, but I'll be damned if something like what we saw is in any way normal.

The heat lining just happened once again. This time it was free flashes clustered together within a couple seconds. No funder, fog, freebie. aims is mad. I kicked him to wake him up and tell him about it. Sorry hon.

Preferred 94 Seven Fonzie. I am about to sleep about an hour after the lunch. Thank God we brought some good coffee to burrow for the fire.

We're going to do 10 Miles although might be a little less because the map says we're getting into a pretty hilly area.

Seven different nights for 9:15pm. Pretty good walk today, but both are going to be sore tomorrow though. The map does a decent enough job of telling us where the hills are going to be. But it's shitty indicating how steep they are. On the bright side, though, I never thought I'd be at a point in my life where the sentence would make sense. I didn't see any more fields full of animal foetuses. Wow.

Seventh of the fourth 94 6:10am My decayed husband smuggled some fireworks in this pack and decided to wake me up by setting them off outside the tent while screaming Have you fallen off July? Of course he was naked. As he did all this while presenting himself to me through the 10 flatware or holding a spark Onii Chan have come to the conclusion that I love his sense of humour between 8am and midnight, and everything from 1201 until 7:59am Makes me want to just charge him waking up to explosions in his dick and balls is not quite how I envisioned our mornings together. The explosions though I'm pretty okay with it.

It looks like it's gonna rain today. But clouds are low in the sky and it's pretty breezy. Gusty to the rain gear we brought before we started our hike kept us dry during the storms last week though. We're not too bummed out about it. Seventh or the fourth 94 630 No rain while we walked James shot of rabbit an hour ago and he's about to skin it and get it ready for the fire.

Making me learn how to do it too. It's pretty much the last thing I want to do. But there's no reason why he shouldn't have to be stuck with a job every time we want to eat some

time for the fourth

I just finished throwing up. As soon as James started working on the rabbit we saw how sick it must have been while it was alive. Again when you're going to go into details we can report it back at the ranger station off so you don't have to learn how to skin a rabbit. You can learn how to write clear descriptive sentences.

Under it's further Rabbit was completely covered in what looked like big white headed says they were under a lot of pressure to because when James poked one with the tip of the knife it just burst and flunk greyish white pass slight tendency and onto the tip of my shoe. Cue me throwing up for about half an hour what he apologised and try not to laugh. We still have a good amount of beef jerky and stuff in the food bag. So it's not like we're going to go hungry, but it would have been nice to have something a little different. The rain finally started and we're stuck in the 10 and here's the lightning part again is flashing over and over and over. Sometimes it's a few quick bursts of as it's just single ones that last upwards of four or five seconds. It's long ones that scare the shit out of me. Never seen lightning like that before. Two ends keeps telling me it's unusual but not unheard of. At this time of year is to be tapering off a little now. I'm pretty glad it coincided with the rain this time. I guess it really is just playing outlining games is pretty reassuring guy or the bed time.

Seven for the fifth ninth and last 10 freaking out because James is trying hard not to freak now. We've been absent six and when we open the 10 the ground outside was covered in dead birds did bats and dead bugs and I mean covered. I guess we didn't hear them hitting the ground because the rain started off again while we slept. Or we still have no explanation as to why they're all fucking dead. That's not the worst part of it though. They're all covered with zit like things like the rabbit. We decided to cut the trip down short and get the fuck out of here. The map says ranger station about 40 miles to our west. And James said we can get there by tomorrow afternoon if we really move both of us are at the point where

of the safe 912 30 AM.

We walked fast and we walked far the whole way. We saw dead animals. They weren't as tightly clustered together as they were around the tent, but we still saw a lot. I remember walking under a tree where the ground was littered with dead wasps. When I looked up there was a huge nest of nothing flying around. The forest is almost silent. No birds, only insects and even their sound a few and far between. I never realised how only present that didn't was until it was gone.

Fuck just a minute ago, the first live day we'd seen all day just walked into the lit area around our tent. It stared us for a while on the outskirts of where the light fell. And when it turned around a sort of dead phone hanging halfway out of our body. As the deer trotted away the phone slid out and hit the ground for for wet fun. still connected to its mother by a tangle of afterbirth that stretched into it slid out a few feet later. Fuck everything. Good luck trying to sleep tonight now.

Mostly freaking the fuck out and I agree. I don't know what to do then just write it down to try and make sense of it all. The lightning came and just stayed. The whole forest was little. It's not trying to convince each other there was just stayed lit for a whole minute and to make James not to go outside but he unzipped the tent and went out. I panicked and didn't want to be alone. So I followed him. The entire sky not just one area where lightning might be it was way brighter than the sun at noon and I hurt my eyes really bad to look at it. James was squinting hard to squeeze my eyes shot to recover a little and when I reopen them, he was gone. I ran around and looked and didn't see him and so I turn back and he was right there again staring up at the sky except he was wrong.

He denounced me when I screened his name. He didn't even blink and I can see bump stars in the form on his neck and face. The light was so bright. I pushed James to try and get his attention and when I did the area under a shower I pushed got soaked with something Well, I know what it was but I couldn't like I couldn't. I can't. He stood outside and it's not moving, just standing and staring at the terribly bright sky. His pupils are gone and all that's left is just blue and why He's different. He's wrong. His skin is getting worse and I'm fucking terrified that no bumps are popping up on my hands while I write this and they're coming to a head now, man, I'm just broken. That's my blood on this page. I know the wetness I feel on my Pfizer's blood to blood signifying the end of what had been waiting to tell James and our anniversary next week. I keep thinking about the deadfall and sliding out of its mother. I'm going to wrap up this journal in a bag and run in the direction of the ranger station. I don't know what else to do. I leave it under a tree or in some safe spot right off the trail so someone can find it and if something happens to me on the way this page is soaked through now I have to go before it gets worse before James gets worse. The light is so bright epilogue and that's what happened. And that's what was in the diary. As soon as I read it, I typed out what was inside. I mailed it to the CDC because I have no fucking idea what was wrong with that lady and her husband, and I sure as hell don't want to catch anything. The last page she wrote on was disgusting. I wish I'd been wearing gloves when I touched it. It was encrusted with dried stuff, probably that posture we wrote about and it smelled fucking awful. I washed up real good and left a note for the CDC guys to be careful with it. I'm pretty reluctant to go back in these words again, but I'm just being stupid about the whole thing was approved by some high school assholes and I'm going to waste the time with some pretty important guys when they get what are mailed over. Still more than just a little creeped out. Everything that lady wrote about it's just so far fetched. But I still wonder. I wonder because I vaguely remember hearing about some massive animal dial back in this part of the state in the mid 90s is probably something else though. It had to be late night hiking.

Again creepypasta dot fandom look calm.

It was me Garrett Josh and Patsy, we were camping out in the winter. Whether it was us that really mattered to me, and then others about five others for which I didn't even know apparently their names of Daniel a slim redheaded boy, Chris Shawn stubby kind of kid with tan skin and read a fairly short one, but he looked like he could hurt someone. His arms though seemed flabby, but it looked like they can knock you out if you gave him the wrong first impression. The other two were Caitlin and Rachel. I knew the two girls very well. We shared the same ninth classes. So I knew how they were.

Josh drove us into the forest in his SUV to set up our camp area. I asked him where we were once arriving he said he didn't know and nor did he care for he wanted so badly to go camping with us. After setting up our tents and placing down our gear. I approached Josh to find out what we would do next. He said we were going to go hiking after Chris was done in his tent. We didn't know Chris was in his tent, however, but seeing the shadows from inside the tent he looked like he was with another girl doing well. You know what?

After a long hour of groaning from Chris's tent, we were truly disturbed. So we went hiking without them. The only girl to come with us was Rachel. We went hiking up the closest mountain. It took quite some time but after an hour or so we reached the top. We felt really yes scared for the day had quickly faded tonight right before us. And after about 10 minutes or so we started to travel down the mountain when suddenly we had two screens. We were questioned at first but once the screens continued we were truly worried and startled upon our fear. We began running towards the screams but we quickly got lost in the skies. illuminant brightness had vanished. scared we were so set up a small rest area by a circle of trees. The last thing to be said that night was when Garrett told Rachel that things could have been worse and soon enough waking up that next morning things did in fact get worse. May have called Chris and Caitlin the night before they didn't pick up and they didn't this morning even when the quarter ended. I got out from needing to look around for my friends. A quick check was done. Karen check Josh check. Rachel, check. Read.


What was Daniel? I lost my friends and they were questioned as well. We began to search around for Daniel but he was nowhere in sight. Strangely, we couldn't find Patsy either. However, we seem to have found a tree of a blood trail running up it feared we began to run back to our original camp. Upon arrival. You went into Chris's tent. I need to find Chris and Caitlin's mutilated bodies, arms, legs, every movable bow of them. You guessed it had been detached and was still spewing blood. We became sick and we were struck to the ground clogging up in spools morning.

All in shock. We ran back to Josh's vehicle only to find it non functional. Josh check the hood of the car and found the internals of the vehicle missing. We go back to our tents to take what we had left. From the way it looks. That wasn't much. We began running towards the entrance of the trail to get out the forest and get help from others. Suddenly read started to fall behind us and we stopped to check on him. Reaching only a couple of yards away from him. His face suddenly turned blue and his eyes started to enlarge. They kept growing until they popped out of him. We were shocked to see this blood began pouring from his sockets as he began to weep loudly. We didn't know what to do when Garrett took another step closer where you began vomiting his own entrails. We were disgusted. We were disgusted and began to cowered away. As we sprinted away from him a glance back to find a pale skinny creature drag his body in a bush I alerted my friends and they look back and didn't find the body nor the creature. We reached the halfway point where we first found a sign pointing out the direction of the campsite. We sat down and rest for a little while and tried to figure out what was happening. We looked around and found a Small Lodge and we immediately ran inside. Inside we found a small stash of bullets mainly nine millimetres which was disappointing since the only guns to be found were point 22 rifles and a 45 hand.

I took the 45 and we continue searching the building.

We suddenly found a refrigerator which relieved us on site. But when we opened it we found a stuffed up body hold on software dead one. We were startled and when we had the bodies moaning we pulled it out of the refrigerator. It was Patsy well only half of him. Pulling the body toy off the hanging flesh from the refrigerator. Having his intestines pour out soon. After. From discus we dropped the body and Patsy left his last words. It's coming. The the thing what thing Josh asked and got no reply. Afterwards we found the body beneath Pat's his leg was actually Daniels torn up body. skin and tissue peeled away as we as we began to quickly exit the building. The damn sun began to set once again and we were in a definite hurry. When we're running Rachel began complaining about back pain. She already fell it's herring of muscle but then the skin is if something was popping out there. We began to check on her but then a wrinkly pale white hand bursted from a bag than another hand came out as it probably did Rachel's body in half. The same behaviour creature we witnessed had to come back to pay enough visit. We were scared as a creature began screeching with mucus in his throat. We opened fire on it and dark red bloodshot came out of his body as he hit the muddy ground. We didn't even examine the wounds afterwards. We just continued running. Finally, we reached the main road surprisingly, we found many cars passed by and we hitched a ride from someone.

We told the man our story, and he said he was a news reporter of the channel for New York news. We felt at ease he drove us to my house where we rested. The next morning Josh and I woke up to find Garrett missing. And when we watched Channel Four News, the news reporter Jim Morrison had been killed by a Powell by creature followed up by the death of Gary Chang. Police soon after he killed the creature and sent it to the FBI for further inspection. An autopsy. Josh and I was shocked when soon we were relieved for this was all now over. We used to go hiking source by Gable mccoughtry.

I met Jake in my first year of high school and we hit it off so well. We saved really good friends through the years and we stayed in contact even after graduation. Once we both went to college. We would often hang out to do so many things together so many friends do. But there's one thing in particular that we both shared a common interest for and we enjoyed it more than any other interests we had.

That thing was hiking which we would do every time we got a chance. We spent so many holiday breaks and vacations hiking just to so many different places. They was no different and we couldn't help or lose ourselves in the vastness of the forest that we were in now. We'd gone to a small town with an expansive countryside. nearby. The countryside was very well forested area with hills, mountains and different bodies of water for Jake I come here for our next hiking expedition. And we ended up going down a long path deeper into the area. But Jake had run so far ahead of me I struggled to keep up Jake Hold on a yard. But he just kept running and I got no response from him at all. I thought it was strange considering he normally wouldn't. It wasn't common for him to run like that. Normally, we would just walk through the air and take our time and we just kind of paced ourselves and took in the view. But I figured that maybe he didn't hear me or he was just so excited about this particular expedition that he didn't realise he left me to bite the dust behind it.

I guess I was a little annoyed but I could see that he went straight. So I just went in the same direction hoping that he didn't get too far ahead.

Eventually, I could just barely make out a clearing at the end of the path. As I got closer, I noticed Jake standing right on the edge of a lake with at least a dozen other people inside the body of water. AJ a yard but once again, he didn't respond at all and he wasn't moving over. I couldn't see his face, but I could tell that he was looking into the water and I figured he was mesmerised by the site.

The lake was rather beautiful considering the area I was in. But I was still concerned about the fact that Jake hadn't responded to any of my inquiries within the last few minutes. And I didn't know who any of the people in the lake actually were. They were staring directly at Jake and they were just as motionless as Jake was and just floated in the water. Jay, what's going on man?

I tried to calm my nerves down with some rationality, thinking that maybe Jake or the swimmers had somehow challenged each other in a game or something like that.

But that just seemed too strange considering that I didn't recognise any of the people in the water. And I assumed I would if they were JEGS friends, it was certainly possible that maybe they're just met but Jake wasn't that charismatic and he couldn't suddenly make friends or acquaintances with a whole group of people just like that.

On top of that, there was something very odd about the way they were just looking at one another, or the fact they hadn't move at all was just so unnatural all around. So I decided to approach with caution as I was worried about the whole situation. But just as I got about halfway there, I noticed that the swimmers had brought up their arms out of the water and held them towards him for some reason. Jake came crashing down into the lake towards the people. The water splash so much. I can see the people in the lake for a moment.

But after the water had settled, I couldn't see anybody at all. Neither Jake nor any of the other people could be seen. So I assumed they were now just all underwater.

assumed it was probably some college kid shenanigans that Jagan these people were planning. So I waited on land. I figured that probably come out the water in a few minutes anyway. But a few minutes passed and I still didn't see anyone. Now I was getting increasingly more worried and I tried to calm my nerves again. As I waited that night for a minute or two.

But those one or two minutes pass and they still hadn't come up with the water. I began to go into full panic mode finger they have all drowned. I pulled out my phone and called 911. I explained to them the situation and I waited for them to arrive. It took a while but when they got here, they immediately started searching the lake. But the search went on for a while and nothing was shown for they hadn't found Jake or anybody else in there, and there was no trace of them either. They continue to search but after it failed, they had to give up and cut the loss. It was a big news story for days but it was forgotten in a short amount of time, but I never forgot it and never could. Even if I wanted to consider an A strangeness of the event. How could they just disappear without me seeing them? How could they have seemingly been underwater and just never show up again? For a while I thought maybe that Jake would just come up to me one day and say that was all just a horrible prank. I wanted to think that maybe they just swim off to the other side of the lake and go now again without me knowing it. I then never saw Jayco any of the office again.

After the event happened, I did some research and asked around that particular area about me knew about that lake. They said there has always been an old urban legend about the lake strange figures living inside of it. Legend was that these figures would attract them back in people towards the lake vengi getting them into the water before it happens lands unknown or bearing theories as to where they go. Supposedly there have been some other hikers who have gone missing in that area. We've seen the strange figures in the water too.

If you would have been told if you had told me something like this years ago, I would have laughed, laughing these kinds of tales anymore.

These days have stopped hiking completely and I never want to do it again.

hike in the woods tours. Brian Burton once ago hiking near my house in a medium sized wooded area in northern Wyoming side of the water few miles to get the zone.

Upon driving up to the woods where I'd take my hike, I noticed that were four other cars were parked on the edge of the fifth gravel beside the trail, eating into the semi darkness of the wilderness after putting a water bottle and a couple of energy bars into my pocket.

First I showed up there was a bridge that I had to walk over first Willow was a small river about 50 feet below me. I walked across the bridge and started to walk through the trail.

Walking for 15 minutes I had a bid for that someone was behind me. A look behind me. I was surprised to see a man in a black hoodie staring at me from about 10 feet away. He was dressed in all black and as soon as he saw me he turned away and ran into the trees before I could get a good look at his face. figured he was just some dumbass joking around with me after he had invented when I continue bogging hoping he would leave me alone. For him again 15 feet off the trail staring at me because he was so far away. I couldn't see his face. He was standing there motionless looking at me. He appeared that he was trying to scam him out and said I don't know if you think there's some kind of joke but I'm not laughing together last week I didn't move and he just still tried again and said to him I'm not kidding. You're not funny. No knock it off. He then walked away. So I continued walking. A couple of minutes later, he came out of nowhere shoved me down and ran back into the woods.

There's no way I would let someone shut me down and get away with it. So I started chasing him to scare him. Away.

Off of the trail and into the woods. He was slowly getting away from me at a steady pace. And after running for a couple of minutes I started to grow tired and I stopped to catch my breath and decided to just let him go.

After catching my breath, I had decided to head back towards the trail.

However, though, I saw him again, he was standing in the middle of two large trees staring me so I started chasing after him again. This time I was going much faster and had a greater intention to catch him. After running for a few more minutes, I started to grow tired again. I was still running after him but a much slower pace. Since I was nearly out of breath. I gave up a second time and fell to my knees to catch my breath. Once again I decided to go back and hope he would finally leave me alone.

However, after running for five minutes away from the trail, I wasn't sure how to get back on it. I tried running in the opposite direction see if I would make it back. After a few short breaks. I realised that I was running the wrong way. So I tried going left. I ran for several minutes in that direction and realised I went the wrong way again.

I looked around to see if I could find anything which look familiar, but I couldn't see anything. I then saw the same man staring me again standing on top of the hill. I was furious at this point and start chasing him again. I was pretty sure that this was the fastest I've ever run before my life. I wanted to catch up with him and beat the living shit out of him for shoving me down and getting me lost.

I then stopped running though because I realised I needed to get back for I got myself more lost. Maybe he was trying to lead me further into the woods for some sort of sick praying. I had to focus on getting back to the trail so I turned around and started walking back.

After a minute or so I felt a tweak him in the back. I turned around and saw him standing directly behind me. Since he was right behind me. I figured he wouldn't be able to get away from me again. So I began chasing him. We ran about at the same speed. I wasn't any further away than a few feet behind him and he was slowly starting to outrun me.

I tried my very best to keep up with him. I was using all of my power to run as fast as possible. Nothing was more important to me than catching up to him. I started to catch him for a brief second, but he looked back for a split second and picked up his pace and continued to outrun me yet again.

I started to grow tired but I wouldn't stop. I was running so fast. At this point I fought my heart was going to give out. I started catching up to him again and I was just about to grab him. When all of a sudden I tripped over a rock and fell flat on my face. Before it knocked the wind out of me

was in a lot of pain and out of breath. I struggled to breathe in since I was already tired from all that running. I did to catch my breath again. I leaned up against the tree. I get up to my feet and I felt slightly dizzy.

After taking a few drinks of water to catch my breath again. I eventually felt a little bit better. I was very pissed at this guy and I wanted to be the shit out of him more than anything else.

But what direction I came from though, looking around for a bit of random direction, which I thought was the right way. I was gonna keep on going that way and so I made it back to the trail 15 minutes of walking laser. I found a trail both happens here.

That's absolutely I decided to go left and continue walking after I turned the corner though. It led me to a dead end or turned around and assume the next direction I took would get me out of here.

Walk past the turn and walk past the place I'd entered the trailer. I walked in that direction was met by yet another dead end.

I was very upset at this point because a small section of the trail that I found was pretty much useless since it didn't connect any other trails and it was just dead ends either way. I cast on my luck and I cursed at the man in black who got me stuck here. After picking up a long thin stick from the woods, I decided to mark up each dead end and remember the different ways the trail led to I took the smallest stick and etch the one into it.

I found it too and the other dead end and then I found a free in the area I entered the trailer for trying to figure out what to do next. Reach one dead end though. The one I put in was gone and was replaced by there is no escape.

froze because I realised the Man in Black must have written this.

After looking up, I saw him running away toward him and further to get him and it landed in the middle of the woods. I wasn't going to chase him though because I knew he's probably going to try and get me even more lost.

However, I knew that staying here wouldn't help me find the exit. Betrayal look very old since our plants and tree roots growing into it. I was certain that no one sat here for at least several years.

Hope it would be the right way. And for have an idea. Man wrote the phrase or I wrote one into the belly who was trying to get me to follow him that way. And then he didn't want me to go the other way. I had to follow lay off a dead end or wrote to went back to that spot around that way as fast as I can. Very proud of myself for figuring that out. Running in that direction. I tried to make as little noise as possible, because maybe he didn't notice that I came this way. After going that way for several minutes I found another trail. At first it didn't seem familiar to me at all. And after about 10 minutes though, it started to feel slightly more familiar to me.

ran in a random direction and realised I was getting close to the exit the trees were looking more familiar to me. I expected that the guy would try and make one more final attempt to stop me but he was nowhere to be found. Upon approaching the old creaking bridge I walked across to get a ran across it this time. When I was in the middle of it though, I saw the man standing in the way of the exit blocking my path. There was no way I could let him stop me now considering how close I got to escaping.

Unless he moved out the way I was gonna fight him. However, I wasn't just about to let him walk away I have a few bruises and cuts. I was going to beat him within an inch of his life. If I had to. I doubted him and he doubted me. Don't vote in my mind ready to fight him. Immediately. We grabbed each other. We pause for a split second I punched him on the side of the face. He pushed me back and I tripped and fell down. He pinned me down and began choking me. I tried scratching and punching him but he wouldn't stop. I started growing dizzy and I knew that I was going to die if I couldn't get him to stop looking to my left I saw boot rock resting on the bridge. I reached out to grab it. I need to find out that was out of my reach. I tried as hard as I could to grab it. I eventually got it and hit him on the side of his head with it. He fell down right beside me. I took a deep breath and got up and hit him a second time with the rug and then proceeded to hit him several times more with it. Some of his blood started spilling out of his head and I took a deep breath and stopped. I got up and stared at him. He was crawling around in great pain. This time I got a better look at what he looked like. Which was he was wearing a black hoodie and a black pair of pants had several scars on his hands and lower legs because he was wearing a hoodie and a long pants. I was unsure whether his whole body was full of those scars. It was clear that he must have cut himself a lot.

I prepared to hit him again with the rock. I lifted it up and swung down towards his bloody head before my mind.

However, before I could finish him off, two people grabbed me from behind. I tried to kick in them to get them to drop me but it wasn't working at all. I was unable to do anything. They were dragging me back into the woods. They turned me around and I saw at least 20 of the people in black walking towards me. I was shocked. I thought the guy beat up was the only one who was chasing me. But there were dozens of them. They must have been following me along the path that all day. One of them pulled a syringe out of his pocket and it was walking towards me. I tried to kick in and to get away. A few more held my feet and my body down so we couldn't move at all. They pin me down to the ground. The man with a syringe was right above me. There was a dark black liquid inside. I tried screaming for help as a last resort. The man then injected the liquid into my arm. I tried screaming again. It made me go dizzy. Very fast. Soon after I was started and see nothing but blur. I tried my hardest to stay awake. However my attempts didn't work. And I eventually grew weaker until I passed out.

Ah, what a cliffhanger. Man.

I got invested.

I want to know what happens. Well, I presume it's some kind of weird code. Which also just saying whatever on the topic of colts you should definitely subscribe to Hornet. Join Instagram and join the code know when for legal reasons. We're not occult

often that episode was really fun. So I kind of went for a theme of just hiking stories and stories in the woods because yeah, playing the Blair Witch got me really into like, what's a scary there's such a good setting for horror. Anything can happen in the woods in especially like big woodlands like for just hundreds of miles. It can just be dense fake forest light, which you've got no chance of being found no car, no chance of doing anything like it's anything can happen and it's such a good setup. And premise for so much stuff.


that was good though. It was more like suspenseful horror. We kind of had like a cryptid in there from that creature that was shooting out people's bodies and pass that is it was quite disturbing episode.

So it's a bit late but I should probably put a warning on this if you're under the age of lying on a vegan I like panels and shit.

Listen with your parents or just don't listen all

that was not as long as I thought it was gonna be actually like when I had it all kind of all the stories printed out. I was looking at it all and I was like Jesus this is gonna be a fucking lot. But yeah, we've done longer episodes. It wasn't actually that bad. Although that constant reading has done my fro and as you can probably tell you guys have been fucking amazing.

And I just can't thank you enough for sharing this journey bearing with me doing all that so this is my way of thanking you. I guess in a weird way. I'm being a lot more active on here. We're going to try and get people involved do more shit together. There's going to be streams we got the Monday night news on Instagram Live. It's going to be fuckin fun man. So we're just gonna do whatever we can to just grow because you guys have been amazing. You guys have listened for like so long now.

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