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A haunted life - scary apparitions

September 14, 2021 That Haunted Show Season 2 Episode 17
That Haunted Show
A haunted life - scary apparitions
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Hola! I am back with a brand new episode for your... potential listening pleasure. Today lets look at some creepy stories covering people suffering extremely haunted lives. From weird misty figures appearing, to full blown apparitions. The night hag, so much happens, lets break it down and have a look shall we?

Hope you're ready.

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Hello and welcome back to that haunted show. I hope you're all doing well. Today we are going to be looking at a collection of spooky stories of found so hopefully you guys enjoyed the last episode as well that was all on like the whole kind of

oh Jesus I forgotten already. Oh wow yeah I'm not whipping let me get on the website

right Ancient Aliens Yes, it was all on the Samaritans and the Anunnaki ends Yeah, it was a good episode man I really like that. I just want to say thank you because like the last yet Jesus the last two weeks or so like I don't know probably more no two weeks is going crazy like, yeah, I've had so many lessons and so many downloads and not even just the latest episodes as well of like, just load like so. Yeah, thank you guys so much for doing that and for listening and joining the show. Trying to think of everything else I've got to mention. The Twitch is working if you want to follow me over on twitch we are I will tell you let me just Google it. We are forward slash that haunted show or just look up that Hornet show and we'll be there. Simple as that. On the link tree. We've got all our podcast platforms Spotify, we're on YouTube as well. Apple podcasts, Stitcher. Deezer loads of other ones we are literally anywhere you can imagine Amazon podcasts or whatever the hell they call in Jeff Bezos land basis land, whatever the fuck it is. Yeah, wherever you are, so if you're up some haunted shit, like a teacup. Yeah, I hope you guys are feeling that today. This is going to be there's going to be a pretty good episode I found a quite a variation of different types of stories. Ranging from like, Misty apparitions to weird happenings, dark entities. Yeah, kind of skimming through them now and there. They were quite good. Quite good. So I'm excited and I'm excited to start streaming as well. I reckon that's gonna be fun. So if you guys have got any recommendations of any scary games, we could play I am definitely down for it. So before I talk into death, let's get on with this episode, shall we? The first episode is called the first episode The first story is misty Black Hand by Rose 345. Now if I should credit the names, I probably should write but then some stories of like, really bad and probably don't want credit. Like the whole Valentine's episode with a whole psyche versus psyche versus psyche by fucking though, but yeah, if I wrote that, I wouldn't know what to be credit. But let's get on with it, shall we? So Misty, Blackhand. Roads 345. In where? And TX T. It takes us right takes us thing. Right, let's do this shit. So this is my second posting. I didn't get much feedback on my last post. So I'm hoping this time will be different, or at least someone knows what it is. I'm not entirely sure what this thing is. But it's been happening to me for years. And it's the same thing over and over again. At night when I'm laying down sleep, an airy feeling will just kind of creep over me. My heart rate will increase and I'm petrified. And it's like I know something's there staring at me when I pick up my hands and move because it's always the first thing I think of to do for some reason. My hand is blind. with long black fingers, and it's almost like a mist. I'm usually so petrified by seeing this eye blink just to make it go away. It usually does, an eerie feeling tends to go with it. I'm so scared to let whatever it is continue that I always blink and will it away. I never let it continue. I have had many sightings of a black figure, particularly my great grandmother's old house in which the game room was always full of activity. I was always so scared to go in the game room by myself as a little girl. At night, the door would open by itself and this malevolent feeling would crash over me. I can never escape the fear. And when I see this hand, it's that same exact feeding. I never know when it's going to happen. And so I feel that eerie feeling will show for me. I don't have any activity going on in my apartment. Nothing out of the ordinary. But I have had many dreams relating to this. I feel like it's trying to creep in. I hope I'm not crazy that's pretty freaky. So like her own hand is turning into this mess. Like I haven't really heard of that before. Come to think about that. Yeah, definitely haven't have. Obviously I've covered a few stories and I've heard a lot of like Misty figures and that shadow people and entities along those lines, but to have your own hand and intellect missed. That's a bit of sewing. That's a bit worrying. That's going to shut out of me.

But then again, it doesn't take much so in the next one we've got loads of stories to get through so let's do this shit. Where are we we are in Oklahoma. Uh huh. Yes. Women's do the facts out of right. Bear with me. We're gonna start at something. So facts that's it. We're doing facts on every Blaze right. So okay, these are pretty boring facts. Oklahoma. Fun Facts. Aha, yes. Geography for kids. Top. Right. So it's the Sooner State done away. Ah, here we go. I can feel choked. No, Norris, Brad Pitt, Carrie Underwood, all coming out of Oklahoma. So don't get much fucking cool than that. And the name Oklahoma means read people. And it's also got the largest population of Native Americans of any state. Oh, here we go. The name suna state comes from people who tried to sneak into Oklahoma just to make and make land claims sooner than they were allowed. There you go. I've fucking imparted wisdom pretty much after fucking remove this tradition because it shifts. So here we go. We have recently moved into another home. The last one ended up having a huge bug infestation that we just couldn't get rid of. During the summer it happened to get extremely warm, which meant the AC was running on also. So it was nice and cool once the AC was halfway fixed, which Emmerton allowed these particular insects to come out and feed on us. So we left everything behind and moved. The owners allowed us to break lease because they failed to inform us that the previous tenants brought those in. That's disgusting. They had failed to get rid of them successfully. Now on to the new house. This one is much bigger than my last four bedrooms, huge living room, the washer and dryer in the same room. Okay, okay, and flexing over here changes. I'm laughing at myself for being so excited about that. That's pretty rad. Shit. That's one thing I miss we don't have a dryer anymore. Anyway, simply because the former place had a washing machine in the bathroom and dry downstairs. Lots of work four weeks worth of clothes to wash. I mean, is it really you go walk downstairs it's not the biggest it's just say I don't allow myself to smoke inside the house. So my usual spots evil outside on the front porch, or I stand just outside my back door, which is in the laundry room and connected to the master bedroom. Okay, I'm trying to figure out that out loud. Sounds like some quirky plugin Sims have built in order to get to the back door. I have to walk from my bedroom through one door and walk through the laundry room. I can see directly into my room from the laundry room. Okay, still trying to figure it out. Makes no sense. One evening, I had decided I was going to sneak a smoke before bed. I was standing in the laundry room facing the backyard, my back towards the bedroom. When I felt what I thought was my oldest son woke up Find me. I feel their energies and all them are different which is why I say it's my oldest son's but within that second it took me to turn around. I realised he hadn't said anything to make his presence known is normal thing to say his mother in an English style accent. Mother, mother. I'm trying to do an English accent but like I already do. Overdue shit, all I can think of is just Siri. I can't even do a Siri voice. What the fuck was that? I turned her out of the fog analysis a disaster. I turned around and didn't see him. But I did catch a glimpse of a shorter shadow run from one side of the door to the other. So I quickly realised it wasn't my son and ran towards the bedroom and look towards the direction this shadow was running to. And of course, nothing, absolutely nothing. This particular thing has happened twice to me already. The second time it happened in the kitchen. I was just washing the dishes. Now we have a huge mirror in front of our sink and that time. Again, weird. You have windows in front of you saying This is bizarre Lau

like out this is what I'm taking away from this story. And that time I didn't see anything. I just felt it come right up behind me. Our thermostat is constantly being turned down from 75 to 70. We set it at 70 during the evening so we can sleep good and 75 in the afternoon when we're all away. We returned home to it freezing in the house. So we checked the thermostat and it will be down to 70 again now this is in Fahrenheit right? I mean should fucking home so what's your house? Like a like an oven? But I that's not that much difference. Right? 75 To 70 I was one Fahrenheit and Celsius. Like there's barely any temperature difference like I fucking red hot all the time. I hate it. I am so boiling all the time. It's probably fuckin some undiagnosed high blood pressure so I'm probably gonna fucking die but that's that. But yeah, fuck that if if England had AC and was more like common and not super expensive, I fucking love it. I'd have my AC everywhere. I know that's not cold. But when the house has been closed up and the curtains drawn all day, it tends to get cold. Well, sir, is that common practice like the people shot their guns all day. Like, don't you have it open? I've always had a moment during the day. Maybe I should shot again after the TV turns itself off at night. Only time it does that is when I decide to sleep in the living room when my back and neck have been acting up. I mattress is brand spanking new and I can't sleep on it half the time. Got it. I've got a new mattress just sayin and it's the fuckin nuts. If you're in the market for mattress, check out the MO mattress like oh, man, so good. I've gotten a huge bang at the door and jiggling of door handles so my husband asked who it is and looks at the front window. He saw no one standing there. So he opens it up and looks through the screen door is still locked. So there was no possible way the door could have jiggled without someone yanking and prying the screen door open. And believe me we would have heard that. I told him with my beliefs and experiences not to open that door. If you see no one leave it be but he tends to get the wave of protect and see what I'm up against type of energy and doesn't listen. Thus all of the above is happening after the knock at the door. Thank you all for taking the time to read this sincerely, spirit waiting. Nice finish the story was sincerely, sincerely Well, I don't want to I don't want to kind of dig into this too much but the thermostat electronics are so prone and likely to have glitches and little things happening like it kind of comes with the nature so the thermostat thing isn't that compelling to me but like the other things with like the energies appearing and thanking you for that felt something or sort of something that I completely believe in like, I do definitely feel energies and I kind of vibe off people's energies a lot, probably more than I should. And if someone's in like ship mode, it just drags me. But yeah, you do sense when something's there or something's up. It's like a keen intuition. Like I don't know, man, like, is it like, entry level? clairvoyance? See? I don't know. Who knows. You know, let me know. Next Mimi 30 And this one's coming out from California by I saw kids as African kids facts here we go. California is the avocado capital of the world. That's all we need to fucking know. That's California covered. That's if you don't know anything about California. Good for avocados. Also, I really fucking hate avocados. Like I'm already picky eater and yeah, it's not appealing. I could live off just just meat. I mean, yeah, yeah, that will do me like I am definitely a carnivore and meat and potatoes that would do me. I'll be set I live a happy life. My husband and I moved every four years of our children due to military duties. The last three assignments were Los Angeles to Cape Canaveral, Florida, then back to LA. We found a newly built two storey back unit suitable for us and we quickly moved in

about a month and a half there at seven months pregnant with our only girl I took my usual trip to the bathroom at around 1am As I returned to bed or something grabbed my foot, and I fell to the ground. Luckily, I was able to lean towards the bed and bent my left knee to prevent me falling flat on my belly. I was more concerned with the baby and I didn't investigate what was actually there. I convinced my husband not to take me to the emergency room, so I quietly cried myself to sleep while monitoring the baby's movements. pretty brave lady. I respect that. Apparently I broke fuck. She just fuckin Alright, let me finish the sentence and then we go into that apparently I broke my back and needed surgeries to correct the injury but only after the baby's deliveries what the woman broke her back from a fall and she was like, no big deal. I'm just gonna cry myself to sleep. I mean, fair enough, like Yeah, your priority is your baby but Jesus Christ who is the Superwoman Mimi 30 fucking kids. During the span of about four years, we had encountered a few parent activities at home. I had little feet running from the hallway to my bedroom or whatever that shouldn't wait. I heard little feet running from the hallway to my bedroom and whatever that was shook my bed as if it jumped onto the bed. I was expecting our five year old son coming home from school. Wait, I thought she just had a girl seven with our with our only go Hi guys. So she's got boys. Just just check in. Like we did the ship detailed right? But it was only 9am I was alone recuperating from the surgery. It happened to my husband but we never shared our experiences until one night. I came home late whilst I came home late with my visiting mother. I installed room but went straight to the bar for him for about 20 minutes. I heard a screaming sound come out from my room but it was very low. I stood near the door and heard it again. It didn't sound like my husband. And as I came out, he whispered and asked to turn on the light. He was frozen in fear. He asked me to look at his chest area to see if there was anything like an indentation. He claimed that he had heard me come in the room and suddenly his body started to sink into the bed. A dark mist appeared in front of him and he couldn't scream. He tried hence the sound I heard. So we started talking about all the unusual things that have happened. Our daughter was old enough to hold a phone and take pictures and she took three consecutive photos and the one in the middle captured fixed smoke over my husband's image as if there was a cigar lit next at the farm. My sister and niece came up to visit from Belgium we sat her up in one of the boys rooms due to the time difference she couldn't sleep and at around 3pm She noticed the foot tall black mass come out she noticed a foot tall black mass come out of the closet in front of the bed and floated towards the open door. The entity passed by the nightlight installed in the hallway outside the bedroom. She watched this thing and it moved with a purpose she was terrified and refuse to sleep there again. I don't blame we eventually moved after retiring still in LA My husband told me that this thing is followed us a thing grabbing your firt like that's a serious fall that you broke your back and like if I'll probably like you rotated and Australia back to protect your baby so in respect to yoga but what else was it the thing that kind of stuck out to me was the husband now whole kind of experience way so the miss the darkness and then felt like he was sinking into the bed that sounds really similar to sleep paralysis? Like eerily similar to sleep paralysis, right? And that's quite a common thing which it tends to go with this kind of paranormal vibe like Sleep paralysis is like completely. I don't I don't want to say normal, but it's a, it's a proven thing. It happens. It's fucked up. Like, I would never want to experience it in my life. But it does tend to happen to people who are more susceptible and open, I believe, to the paranormal. And I think that does kind of amplify if anything if you're a believer, so yeah, I mean, if you haven't, I would probably recommend saving the house and cleaning and performing some kind of ritual because if it's following you from that house to house that's some kind of attachment to you not the property that you're really fucking but I don't think anyone is to move into like four or five haunted house.

But yeah, interesting. Sorry. Thank you. So so next story is second time second house by Jesus. Just a load of numbers. And it's coming out of New York. I think this is our all American episode there. Now what it is New York fun facts. 12. Interesting, fun facts about New York City. Let's do this shit. Damn. Over 8 million people live in New York City. That means one in every 38 people in the US. live there. Fuck. That's crazy. More than 800 languages are spoken in New York City, making it linguistically the most diverse city in the world. Four in 10 households speak a language other than English. What? That's crazy. Like, I can't even name 10 language. There's 800 languages, though. Surely a lot of that is like forgetting copying and adding a few letters to the end of words.

Surely what the fuck? Right? So second time second house. On my birthday of 2019 September 5, my girlfriend and I were leaving for Colorado.

We went to bed at about 930 And after about 20 minutes sort of shutting off the TV and light. Neither of us even close to sleep yet. All of a sudden there was a loud crack on the footboard football. Isn't that floor wall? I'm happy about that about free. Okay, so literally just a creaky floorboard. And now we're skipping four years later. Okay. About three years early. Oh, earlier Okay, so we're diving into the free cool vibes Nice. Nice. I had lived in an apartment where similar things happen so I knew as soon as it happened what it exactly was what it just what what it just sticks what the fight that doesn't make sense. I know exactly what it was. That's just dumb it down a bit. A ghost or something? It dumbed it down yourself boy. I turned the light on looked under the bed and nothing was there or even out of place. She turned on the vapour lamp which he had sage oil in very dim light but nevertheless, nevertheless, nonetheless. But nonetheless, it was the light we laid back down and I kept feeling something touch my face like a string was dangling with just the tip touching my face. I did that was like a fucking spider. Gross. I fucking hate spiders. Right? I am petrified of spiders. Give me fucking heights push me out of plane whatever. But spiders now don't do it like that. Does that double check there was no spider that's about them, though. And I'm getting my first my temple but what my hands across it next above my eye three or four times. Then I noticed she kept doing the same thing with the hand. I asked. Are you feeling something touching your face? She said are you feeling something touching your face? She answered yes, a hair keeps tickling me. I told her it wasn't a hair. I was feeling the same as it was a really long nap. Again, we tried to fall back asleep and a couple of seconds later I heard a very clearly human breath in my ear in and out or vice versa. I went in

I had enough time to think but did I just say and I did again exactly in and out or vice versa. That's why I find out in in funny. Like I'm retarded. What do you listen to me? About six months before this I'd go now. My mom lived with me at this. My mom lived with me at the same time and made me coffee as I walked back towards the kitchen table sorry cat about the same colour and size of my dog. I mean, sure it wasn't your dog. It was early. I see some shit before my coffee and I'm like all clear. account. On the other side of the table when my mum sat having a coffee, only just a streak of blur. I looked under the table even though I knew my dog was still in bed, my girlfriend, no dog. I went to the bedroom to check on Rupert my dog and it was in bed with her mom. Her mom was in bed with her mom and I had seen shadows out of the corner of her eyes a few times before, but that's all when that house about three years prior fucking out online, were we going back in this three year cycles again. My mom and I lived in an apartment in Mohawk Valley about three months in I worked to allow to crash I have a 2am or 230. I found two large Rubbermaid bins which were very heavy, that have been pushed on end ways into my spice rack and stuff was everywhere. Not Spanish. Sorry. From there on for a couple of months, things just got worse. POM slaps on the couch at six at night, messing with our cell phones we move to get away and that's how bad it got. Before we moved, I'd seen a flash of light near a GLASS Based lamp in our living room. The glass was very thin, and the sound I heard was if lectricity It touched that thin glass at the time I saw the flash. It was round and almost as big as a volleyball. My dog had seen things to his head would go straight up to the ceiling and across to the front door and had bark at the top of the door. Many things happened at the place. We all heard it but I was the only one to see anything. Just as I was the only one to hear that briefing in my ear. As I walked out, as I walked out that same door my dog barked at I can literally feel the negative energy leave me something to know. Our phones will be messed with well, miles away from the house. I've had the worst bad luck for the last few years. Breakdowns at work like never before. And not only at work, any ideas. I'd love to hear your feedback. Yeah, dude, you own it. No, that's definitely some kind of attachment. I mean, there's something about like the freest aigles events just happening and a free free years or is that shit in between? Because that's something to consider as well. But then a free kind of attachment. I don't know things in cycles tend to be like more have a more tendency to be residual right. I don't know. Maybe it's just me. But interesting. Sorry. I like that but that's nothing okay, it kind of contradicts like you felt that that negative energy leave you as you kind of left the house going through that door but you've had the worst bad like for two years breakdowns at work so it's it's obviously not just at the house maybe that's when like negative energy manifests itself. But it's definitely sounds to me like it's attached to you personally. If you're having all these you're having all this shit happen. Just not at home. So yeah, definitely worrying. I definitely do believe something is attached there and yeah, you could probably I don't know like you can do some kind of whatever spiritually resonates review, Sage prayer. And I think I'll try and find like, spiritualist and or like, was a healer. I know a lot of people have had some serious great experience with healers and fingers crossed that works me dude, because that sucks. Right? So we are is something haunting me or following me? This one's coming out of Canada. Now I literally type in the country and now it comes up with fun facts straight away. Love this. Canada has 20% of the world's freshwater. Nice. That's pretty cool. Canada and Norway have a long standing partnership. Good for them. Santa Clauses connect What? What? Hold up. Santa Claus is Canadian. Canada's Immigration Minister declared that in 2012 Santa Claus was indeed a Canadian citizen. He also suggested that this is why his signature look is a red and white suit. The colours of Canada to send letters to Santa children can use this address Santa Claus northpole

H zero h zero h zero, Canada that's pretty cool. Flower respect that bar. So can you just be like, in power and be like, yeah, Santa Claus is national. Fair enough. Well, we definitely have learned something new every day. completely irrelevant. But hey, as you can say Santa Claus is actually Canadian. So where are we something haunting me or following me? Just lovely things is the poster. It began when I was 10. I moved to a small city to the cheapest house my mother and siblings Some of our family came to help us move in. My cousin stayed the night and witnessed something weird. While he was watching movie on his laptop in my room, a girl with long black hair white dress and PowerSkin walk right past the open door and into the next room fuck that. The whole game bring vibes. He was so frightened they never came to visit. Plug in blame. And that's the first sensible thing I've heard in the stories and hints Oh, yeah, he never visited again and left the next morning, Good lad. After the strange things would happen. After that strange things would happen in that house knocking on the wall on the bottom of my mom's bed, people would see things and the worst of all was a shallow thing that started to kind of follow me around. I was sleeping with my siblings in that room the girl had gone into and one of them woke up next week crying. I put the night sleep and tried to go back myself. As I did. I looked over to the open doorway. I became grip. I became gripped with fear because I saw a shadow figure standing outside the doorway. It looked like a moving scribble staring at me with no eyes. I was intensely scared. I was intensely scared, but I didn't call out or do anything. I just went to sleep. How? How right. You witness this shit. All this scary shit. Like you've seen a fucking creature that looks like a scribble. And you're just like, oh, let's go to sleep. How? How do people do this? Fuck. I don't understand. Jesus. But I'd love to be able to do that. Right? I really would. But I'm such a shit sleeper. Like I'm getting better now. But like, I literally have to have background noise on I have like a fuckin app, which plays on nature sounds for me to go to sleep. Moved on teenage sounds I used to have like creaky ship sounds and that was fucking cool and all that, but I'm a fucking big boy now. Right? I listen to nature sounds cuz I'm a narrow fuck. So yeah. Back to it. When I woke up the next morning, I decided not to tell my mom because she doesn't like to talk about spirits of ghosts. For the following few days, I would wake up and find it watching me no matter what room I was in. I could see it and sometimes it would come into my room or would wave at me from the doorway. It's nice. Nice, go follow it. But it would only follow me and no one else ever mentioned seeing this. I can't remember how long this actually went on for but I do know I would repel it. It wouldn't show up if there was enough light. Because of that. I always started to have a light on in my room. Yeah, I don't blame you. Fuck that. We moved eventually do you have a side of town into a new house. Things planted settled down for me because I would constantly sleep with the lights on. But because we moved I started to loosen up and turn the lights off and close my door. Unfortunately, I woke up one night from a text by my mom. She texted me to see if I was awake because the dogs barking at noise it was coming from upstairs. Everyone was on the bottom and I was on the second. I then decided to look through my doorway to see if I could see anything or hear something. When I look through. I saw it go laying down the top of the hallway. She had long black hair and was pale but I couldn't see any of that close. Fuck. Please don't do like the grudge fucking creeper cruise ship. I felt I'm getting scared fucking reading this shit. Fuck. I felt fear because I couldn't even I can't even fucking read this. I felt fear because I couldn't. I felt fear because I could see her even though the light was on and I could feel she was asleep. I'm not sure how I knew but I didn't want to wake her. So I just laid back into bed and quietly went on my phone to try and calm down. I'll be like climbing out the fucking window. I heard my mum start to come upstairs to use the bathroom. I waited to see if she would react or see see anything but she didn't. She went downstairs again. And I looked out and I didn't see.

From then on. I kept seeing and hearing things my mom would hear me talking to people while I'm sleeping. I tried to find it off by buying Christmas lights and stringing them up so they would not turn off it. It didn't work but it started to cool down and I stopped seeing things. I started to forget about things until we moved again. I thought that maybe I could finally put all of this behind me. But once again I was wrong. After a few weeks of living our new house I had a terrible dream about something trying to grab me. I woke up this room please don't hurt me. After that I became very paranoid that something was following me again. Recently, I woke up one night looked at my bookcase and saw something starting to fall. It looked like the shadow was starting to bubble and take shape. I stared at it for a while and so I grew up my phone and shine the flashlight on it instantly disappeared so it just left light so I just left the lights on that night. Now every time I leave the lights often I see something moving, moving around my room. Like it's delivering on different things. He can't go near my window because there's too much light from outside. I've tried to talk to it, I've touched it, but it doesn't respond to this either. I haven't given it any chances to form again because I'm too scared. I'm not sure what to do. And I don't know what it wants. I've experienced things like this before visions of where siblings before they were born or talking to spirits when I was young, but I don't know how I triggered it either. Or if I have these abilities, I really need help. And I don't know anyone who could help me or point me to the right person. Well, fog light Yeah, that sounds pretty fucking intense like that, Scott. That story kind of shimmy up a bit. Now I got a bit of a fucking sweat. No, but that was actually quite deep like. Yeah, really good story. Like, shit just goes, Man. Scary. Nah, girl ghosts. Like the whole gonna ring grudge vibe. I just can't deal with it. It just freaks me the hell out. You're brave, man. You just kind of saw this finger design now. I'm just gonna go sleep. Like, oh, man, I'll be having no fucking therapy for Lion that was six years. But they're like, ah, that's crazy. Like the dog? Obviously, animals sense these things. The dogs barking the dog obviously senses something's not right. And then your mom didn't see it. None of your siblings have seen it. Like, it's definitely some kind of attachment to you. But I've never heard of something. Like I don't want to say it's like the whole kind of child hood thing of like, oh, yeah, lights will scare away the monsters. And that's kind of stuck with you and cause like this imprint and belief. Like, I don't want to say that because I don't want to discredit you know, in fact, I'm not even going to go over that. So ignore that. It's just something I've never had personally. I think it's a very good story. So I do hope you find help. There's a lot of people even on this site alone, I mean, in the comments. Yes. So she started she's had quite a lot of comments diverting to different places, so yeah, fine. I hope you found help because that sounds fucking horrible. It really does. I wish you the best, but that is probably going to be it for today's episode. I do have a load more stories but we are running out of time. Maybe I'll put them in the next episode. Yeah, next episode. We did that. Also, what do you guys want to hear for the next episode? Like let me know with some ideas. I'm kind of feeling like proper squashy. I've just been binge in finding Bigfoot for so long that I could really do with some like BFR O type investigations like so if you guys know anywhere where you can get like proper in depth, like research notes. I'd love it. I'd definitely read the shower that also. I'm hoping to get my friend on here. So fingers crossed. That will be a good episode as well, because we're going to chat aliens because he's seen some fucking weird shit. I've had that weird as fucking experience that just kind of blew my mind. So yeah, we can kind of chat about that. And also, the other night as well.

I was outside having a cigarette quite late. And well, apparently everyone was like, oh, it's lightning. But that was fucking no noise. It was silent. And there was just like this weird kind of pulsing illuminate in the sky. Every now and then for about, I don't know, maybe five minutes. And that really kind of dumb. Yeah. And I didn't quite know what that was. And I couldn't quite explain it. And yeah, it was a bit eerie. But I do hope you have enjoyed this episode, and has been a pleasure. As always. I love doing this shit. I love speaking to you looking up and reading all these stories. It's just yeah, something I look forward to every week. And now we're all settled in I'm back into the roll. Things are going good. Yeah, I'm excited to see where the show goes. I kind of really want to grow but in saying that the show has been growing like five although like the socials haven't really moved that much like listens and views and streams and downloads and all that shit has just been going through the roof. So thank you guys all so much for your support. If you do want to support the show in any other way, the best thing to do is leave a review wherever you listen, that's literally the best thing to do. The best thing I can ask of you I don't want your money. I don't want your respect. I don't want anything Just a good review. That'd be great. But I do hope you have enjoyed it. So, as always, stay safe, stay spooky and good night