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Ancient aliens - The Sumerians and Annunaki

September 07, 2021 That Haunted Show Season 2 Episode 16
That Haunted Show
Ancient aliens - The Sumerians and Annunaki
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I'm back once again, i know this episode is a day late but I have been struggling with the worst man flu like ever. But I am finally better a bit, and back on track... ish.

Today we are going back in time to ancient Sumeria and how they became so advanced, was it natural or some divine help? Let's find out shall we?

So diving deep into the history from humble beginnings to developing language and mathematics thousands of years before it went mainstream, the Sumere had it all. But they don't credit themselves in creating these advancements...   

Hope you're ready.

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Stay spooky


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Hello, and welcome back to the homestead show. I hope we're all keeping well. Today's episode is going to be on. Wow, it's it's going to be on quite a lot of things. We're going full on ancient aliens on this.

Now there's a lot of things to cover in this episode I've done a fair. Fair, it's probably an understatement, a good old bit of research. And

it's probably best if I don't hold up. If I don't hold us up chatting. If we've got time, I'll go through the usual sheet at the end. But without further ado, let's get on to it, shall we? So if you don't know that Anunnaki is no, I hope I'm saying this because this is written down a lot.

The Anunnaki is a group of deities or Gods supreme beings or whatever you want to call them belonging to the ancient Sumerians, Acadians, and Babylonians. They found in some of the very earliest Sumerian writings from the post Acadian period, the Anunnaki are deities in the pantheon and descendants of the great arm and key they've got of the heavens and the goddess of Earth. Now we could go into this for ages because the history surrounding them is fucking cool. But to narrow it down into a nutshell, the basically decide the fate of all of humanity, which I mean, that's pretty cool, right? Like it feels down to me. I fuck up some people's day.

So if I ask you what comes to mind when you think of an ancient civilization, like, yeah, you're probably thinking of what like Egyptians Romans ancient Mayans. The list goes on for ever. But there is one ancient civilization that's even older and nowhere near as well known.

And well, you probably guessed it, that is the ancient Sumerians. Now, they're situated in Mesopotamia, which is a mouthful and a half the site.

Now, if you're thinking, Where the fuck is that? It's southern modern day, right? Ancient soumare was a collection of city states and full of time, they had the most advanced military mathematical knowledge and writing prowess. Luckily, they had the hindsight and intelligence tell modern people about their culture, and how they pulled off some of the most incredible feats of the time, dating all the way back to 4100 BC until around 1750 BC, the name soumare translated into the name of civilised kings. Now that's not egotistical isn't

the Sumerians were one of the first groups to figure out the formula to divide time into hours, minutes. What?


Well, I don't know how to work that now. Imagine time without time,

that it sounds like a fucking disaster.

They also had a very complex religion that we're going to we go into more detail later that involve different types of Gods called the Anunnaki. They believe to be in charge of this summer's fates. There are many myths about the Anunnaki and how they pass judgement on to all of human beings. Additionally, in that religion, these gods were written and described as children of the earth and sky. Now, not to go ancient aliens on you, but I mean,

that's a fault, right?

This ancient civilization was definitely onto something. Now, I do believe that we have hit a wall in our timeline. And it's like, we're lacking the imagination or advancement.

I don't know we used to have like, you think of all the things back in the day like Jesus, I mean, the the pyramids, the Great Wall of China, all that crazy. Shit Stonehenge.


that was made with no machinery, primitive tools. And you're just there like,


like, it really is.

It's like, yeah, we can build skyscrapers. Now we've got this crazy tag. But it just seems so easy to us that nothing is crazy out there feet anymore, right?

Maybe it's just me.

Maybe I fall into this too much.

But I remember listening to, I remember listening to this really good podcast about the science of understanding dimensions. So for us, we live in the third dimensional world right now. Now bear with me, I am probably lacking the understanding. And don't quote me on this, I could be wrong, but I think it was the science of sound colour and numbers,

is what they were saying in this podcast. If we were to use them in conjunction like how they used to do things, we would be a hell of a lot more advanced like they are the free keys to the dying mansion.

I think

I could be totally wrong on this. I really should have really listened to the podcast. If I find out which one it is, I'll let you know. If you think about all the tech these days and how advanced has gotten in like the last 10 years or but actually even go back like this century alone. It's crazy, right? You think of what what are we? What? What are we now? 2021? So think back to 1921? Like boys are like big band music, jazz.

What else happened in the 20s?

Follow me.

Like, yeah, a lot has changed. Okay. Like, if more people Sue more, unlike I really have this theory that if more people were kind of more superstitious and believe they're more open to things that just don't improve our science, the world would be a more amazing place. Well, I think so anyway, like, just because something can't be seen or proven, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It just doesn't mean we have solid proof or evidence, right.

But like, it just links into everything. UFOs the paranormal, ghosts spirits, Sasquatch, even cryptids. Like, yeah, there's a lot of evidence out there, which sort of speculative, but

we are so closed off. It's hard to kind of imagine

humans being more like open like this. Right? We're so like, oh, yeah, I must get a job. work every day until the day if I can die. Or I might reach retirement and live a couple of years in the sun. Like, it's fucking crazy that we're no longer like in charge of our lives. We used to be full on like hunter gatherers survive to live whereas now we're just living. Slaving.

We're getting well, deep and we're not even like 10 minutes ends, and the children.

So before we get too distracted on my fucking little rant here, let's get back to the actual topic. So some researchers believe that the Anunnaki may have been actual beings and not some imaginary deities from the sky. Religion.

One of the most

I'm gonna get fuckin

only get banned.

One of the most popular theories is that they came from from another planet. Some believe they came from the mysterious planet X. That sounds pretty cool. But bear with me here. Looking on the solar cycles, they managed to conclude that this planet transitioned, like really closely a 1000s of years ago. But it leads you to think like, why would these aliens come to Earth? Not only with only that, but why would they come to earth and then pretend to be our gods? Well, maybe just for the band, but imagine turning up into some alien world pretending to be a god. Actually, to be honest, I think there's a little we have had the right idea. Like, if I can get that sense of humour.

Yeah, looking back in hindsight, if I don't have an alien world, outside Oh my god.

Actually, if I don't have an alien world, and they're all like super advanced in flight tech fucking wizardry of telekinesis and shit. They'd probably look at me and be like, look at that Chimp, fucking laser pistol.

Unfortunately for us, they had acquired nefarious reason for turning up.

So that reason was enslaving the human race.

It said that we're enslaved to actually mined gold and you might be thinking like, Why the fuck are we going to mined gold? But like, just think about it. How long has gold been around and what purpose does it have the list is literally like fucking endless I mean that they even calculate a country's capital one a national reserve. Like but aside from the use of currency let's think more about conduct and see a I was pretty fucking proud of that. Conduct ledger conducted


it's not a word, but if I can should be, it's used Jesus. We're bad man, I've been off for too long.

It's used in so many electrical components due to his immense power to conduct so well. So the Anunnaki depleted all the resources on the planning needed more, but why bother doing it themselves when they could just enslave a whole race to do it for them. It's written that they needed gold for their technology. And once they got enough where they once they got enough of what they needed, they returned back to their planet in the next orbital cycle.

There is also another theory and that is why as a civilization we're still obsessed with gold today, because it's embedded somewhere in our genetic code, partly because we were enslaved.

Partly because we were enslaved.

I mean, like, possibly, biologically and then mated causing some fuckin hybrid type creatures or some shit. Like,

yeah, it could easily be in our genetic code in which to think of like, man's quest for gold. Right.

Our fuckin cut off a limb for a lump of gold.

Like, go it's expensive, man. Like shit. I'm fuckin Yeah. Give me a treasure map, and a shovel. I've got a shovel, give me a treasure map.

I'll go off on that goal. Then you invoke more about it. As long as the maps not fake? Because if it is your prey

yeah, there's not much humans won't do for gold. Like it's been around forever. It's valuable. It's shiny. It's nice. You buy it for people and they're like, Oh my God. Wow. The whole friggin diamonds being a girl's best friend is bollocks. Like that was a marketing campaign, right?

We all know that. Like literally did you watch that conspiracy thing? Like, diamonds are fucking worthless, like the best advertising campaign ever, which made them like super valuable was some shit. I could do in the moment, but I don't know enough.

So another theory about the Anunnaki is that there are special species of

Now bear with me. reptilian humanoids and they believe these reptile overlords help the Sumerians develop their intricate system of writing and mathematics. Furthermore, they think these reptilian creatures are still around today holding immense power in office. And well, I'm not sure about that. But I'm

open to theories.

I can't imagine. I can't imagine those have seen a lot of shit, but

like, it only seems to be when you're on like the deepest recesses of a 12 hour YouTube binge. You come across the weird videos of like, I sorry, glint in Trump's eyes. Reptilian overlord

Oh, god, that's not even going to I was thinking of like, hard to remember that whole Adrenochrome Adrenochrome kind of thing. Yeah, that's fucked up. was the other thing. There was like a whole thing about Hillary Clinton being like parks and coal.

I can't remember that. Shit. I think that was let's get Hornet. I listened to that podcast, and they did an episode of like Hillary Clinton doing some kind of blood sacrifice assumption.

I don't know. I've listened to a lot of things.

There was another good one actually the what was it on the Nixon curse? I think that was let's get on it as well. I'm just striking advertising for that show. You should fucking listen to it. Why are you listening to me? I basically stolen it.

But yeah, they are actually really good. And you should definitely listen to it because

they don't just talk about presidents as well. They do a lot of really interesting stories, actually. But the ones I remember suddenly, just the ones about presidents. Yeah.

That I say Nixon.

I can in fact, remember about JFK. Jesus, I'm English Give me a break around.

So anyway, getting back to the actual name itself. Anunnaki is derived from the name of the godless guy ons concert that I've got ASCII created offspring, which then groups on to be the Anunnaki themselves. The oldest of all the Anunnaki was endless. The God of the air and the chief god of the Sumerian pantheon.

Well, we're getting fucking factual up in here. The Sumerians believe that until end level was born heaven enough. We're actually inseparable. They were one thing then little came about and cleft heaven enough into so

yeah, shit. Basically this fucker came about I was like, Nah, Hulk smash the shit out of the place and just fucked them up.

He carried the earth away and then his father carried away the sky. Sounds pretty intense. Now I kind of dig that like I prefer that some kind of religious Shut up.

hear, like, I'm all about another nostalgia story. That's so badass when it's like, we just got a dude and flip flops and a beard came down and pull back to life in the cave three days later.

Fuck I'm sorry Christians fuck.

Please don't sue me. I email addresses Mark [email protected]

whilst on the topic of Enlil, he was the God of Wind and storm of the gods in the Sumerian Pantheon include and little

other gods in the Sumerian Pantheon include thought of shit have lost the name.

I'm looking at my notes, and I've literally left this blank.

Blank was the god of water and human culture.

It's probably best I don't know his name, because the pronunciation of the rest of them is going to be so bad, it's probably going to be insulting Ninho sagg, the goddess of all fertility on Earth, ooh, too. They got the sun and justice and his father Nana,

the goddess of the moon during the Acadian period, and for some time after Inanna was the goddess of sex, beauty warfare, on a dangerous mix, shit.

And it was widely spread across Sunni and appeared in many myths, including the famous story of her descent into the underworld. This was the beginning building blocks of a lot of Middle Eastern religions and culture. Many scholars have noticed a lot of similarities between the ancient Sumerians and recorded events in the Hebrew Bible.

Fun facts

I, like you know, when you're in school, and you have to stay like religious studies or religious education or whatever, like, I got, like, I don't know if it's the same grading everywhere, but I got here

which is ungraded it was that that

basically, we had to write about like two different religions. And I messed them up so bad, they couldn't even deem it a mark.

Like, I can't remember I was writing out one religion and said they went to like Mecca and read the Quran

and sly I basically got confused with like, Hindus, Sikhs, I got, I think probably fruit Buddhism in there. Probably some Catholicism somehow, obviously, or all your, all the religions I kind of amalgamated into one. And it was so bad. I had to have a meeting with my head of year and they were like, we can't give you a mark for this.

Yeah, fair to say.

I didn't pass.

Anyway, the Sumerians envision the whole world is some kind of like closed off dome, which was surrounded by seawater See, underneath the sea of itself, which form the base of the dome. And there also existed an underworld and freshwater ocean called Abzu.

Nice. Which, funnily enough will make sense if you've played the game. If you haven't, you should definitely check it out. It's awesome. And like the soundtrack in our work is incredible. Also, I actually think is on sale on the switch. If you've got a switch, just saying, I'm gonna lose god. Yeah, it could save you a few bucks.

The Sumerian afterlife was a creepy, dark and dreary, like heaven located deep below the earth itself.

And the inhabitants were believed to continue like a shadowy version of life on Earth, which looking at sounds kind of sad, like a shadow, like a sad shadow version of like, the multiverse, which I mean is like, the new Spider Man trying us out and it's pretty much proven for me now, like, the multiverse is real.

So the shadowy domain is called Kerr and it was ruled by the Goddess so fog and it was ruled by the Goddess

Eric Ereshkigal Raschka girl. That's it. That's how you say kids. All the selves went to the same afterlife whether they lived a good or bad life. And the actions they made in the water around literally had no effect on how they retreated in the underworld.

So you could be a deck and just exist in the Shadow World.

feel like we need this at you know, we've done life. Before anyone gets mad about lying monetarism shit.

I cherish it. Well, Mike, don't get mad at me.

The soldiers and CO were believed to live on nothing. All the soldiers incur were believed to live on nothing but dry dust for the rest of eternity and members of the deceased would have rituals pouring libations into the dead person's grave for a clay pipe, thereby allowing the dead to have a drink.

us imagine that you're stuck in the underworld Shilling and someone posable the Jamison's down the grave top.

getting smashed in the underworld, living your best shadow life.

The entrance sticker itself was believed to be located in that Zagros Mountains in the Far East. It had seven gates through which a soul needed to pass. The God natty was the gatekeeper gala were a type of demon like creature that the one of the seven devils or more aptly named the offspring of hell.

I like that. I should know my car that because she's a little shit. They were four legged creatures with wings fish at schools holds and jagged, sharp thing like teeth. The creatures themselves look pretty fucking scary. If anyone was to try and make a break for it and leave the shadow way around.

They get pretty mowed up ban might drag straight back like no light the season three finale of supernatural where light hounds get Dean and they're like ripping them open. I imagined it to be something that

just comparing ancient Sumerian folklore to an episode of a 20th 20/21 Century Fox show isn't even on Fox. I don't know not American. I want your Netflix actually to lie can't watch it Netflix because only Americans get it on Netflix. I have to pirate it that's it you heard I fucking pirate it. Also been pirate my show. I don't think you can elevate anyone's interested

but actually you know what go pirate my shot five just how to make money from the ship anyway.

The Sumerians being the super intelligent race they were they developed cuneiform, which, which led me if you didn't know what that was, it's the earliest known systems of writing ever recorded in like the whole of human history. It's a it's a bit of a big deal. But even the Sumerian people themselves didn't credit this achievement to them alone. They said they had help and they owe their historic breakthrough to the Anunnaki. In their version, they speak about how the Anunnaki came down and told them their secrets and how the supreme beings could control both the fate of human beings and their own fellow gods. Although much remains unknown about the seminarians and their way of life. They left evidence in their beliefs in ancient texts, including one of the oldest written stories in human history. The Epic of Gilgamesh why wasn't Gilgamesh to the fucking creepy creature in that Smurfs or some shit?

But I am going to read you the broken down version of the Epic of Gilgamesh because it's pretty fucking cool. I mean, if it's called an epic, it's gonna be pretty fucking good, right?

So the Epic of Gilgamesh is an epic.

I mean, that kind of goes with it is an epic poem from ancient Mesopotamia, and among the earliest no literary writings in the world. It originated a series of Sumerian legends and porins and pogroms and cuneiform script dating back to the early third or late second millennium BCE, which relate to governance a longer Acadian poem The most complete version existent today. It was preserved in 12 clay tablets dating from the 12th to 10th centuries CB it follows the story of Gilgamesh, the mythological hero king of Europe.

Little during this, you're quiet, you're you're

a fucking idiot. Now, I've just got like, Homer Simpson, where he like, spins the globe. And he's like, Oh, look, it's Uruguay.

Even got the fucking joke around. But he's like, finally Uruguayan is like you're a gay.

I got issues, I've got the mind of a fucking 10 year old.

And his half old friend Enkidu. As they undertake a series of dangerous quests and adventures and Gilgamesh search for the secret of immortality after the death of his friend. It also includes a story of the Great Flood very similar to very similar to the story of Noah in the Bible, and elsewhere. So, right, let's break it down. Because the whole the whole thing is actually quite an old for a clay tablet line, and it's 1200 Jesus Christ. I found that a website that broke down the stories does not say too much.

The story begins with the introduction of Gilgamesh, King of the Earth, two thirds God and 1/3 human.

How's he?

How are you fads?

There's no question blessed by the gods with his strength, courage and beauty and the strongest and greatest king you ever existed. The great city New York is also praised for its glory and strong brick walls. However, the people of Europe are not happy and combining that Gilgamesh is too harsh and abuses his power by sleeping with their women.

Like it good. Let the

the goddess of creation or RWR create some mighty wild man named it can do arrival in strength to Gilgamesh he lives in the natural life of the animals but soon starts bothering the shepherds and the trappings of the area and jostles animals at the watering hole. At the request of the trapper Gilgamesh sends a temple prostitute sham had to seduce and time it can do and after six days and then they go

They can get done. After six days and seven nights for the harder he is no longer the world

of animals

Why the fuck?

He seen lands the ways men and is shunned by the animals he used to live with. And the harlot eventually persuades him to come and live in the city. I mean,

what the fuck? I'd like the story already. Meanwhile, Gilgamesh had some strange dreams

that his exile escaped by to the prostitute,

which his mother Nins unexplained as an indication that might the mighty friend will come to

the newly civilised and kinder leaves the wilderness with his concert for the city of New York, where he learns to help the local shepherds and trappers in the work. One day when Gilgamesh himself comes to a wedding party to sleep with the brother.

He comes to the wedding party to sleep with the bride as his his custom

is custom. I like how they don't say it's like custom. It's just his custom


He finds his way blocked by the mighty in Hindu who opposes Gilgamesh, his ego, his treatment of women and the defamation of the sacred bonds of marriage. In can't wait. This dude was literally living with fucking animals like a couple of days ago and now he's like, Gilgamesh you can't be doing that man. That's mistreatment of women. And defamation. He didn't know a fucking defamation meant he was shitting in the woods.

They can do and Gilgamesh fight each other and after one mighty battle Gilgamesh finally defeats and can do but breaks off from the fight and spares its life. He also begins to heed what he can do said and to learn the values of mercy and humility along with the courage nobility, both Gilgamesh and can do are transformed for the better and live through their newfound friendship, and have many lessons to learn from each other. In time, they begin to see each other as brothers and become inseparable.

Years later border is peaceful life in Europe wanting to make an everlasting name for himself. Gilgamesh proposes to travel to a sacred cedar forest to cut down some great trees and killed the Guardian, the demon Han Baba.


in Kingdom objects the plan as the Cedar Forest is sacred, as the Cedar Forest is a sacred realm of the gods and not meant for mortals, but never and can do not the Council of Elders of Europe can convince Gilgamesh not to go. Gilgamesh his mother also complains about the quest but eventually gives in and asked the Son God Shamash for his support. She also gives in Hindu some advice and adopts him as her second son, basically, because she knows the fast ones about bow on the way to the seat of forests, Gilgamesh has some bad dreams, but each time he can do manages to explain away that dreams are good omens, and he encourages and urges Gilgamesh a sense of betrayal. Like these guys not seeing any form of

finally, the two here is confront Hamada, the demon ogre guardian of the sacred trees, the great battle commences. Gilgamesh offers the monster his own sisters and wives as

Gilgamesh offers the monster his own sisters and wives as concubines in order to distract it into giving away the seven layers of armour. And finally, with the help of the wind set by the sun god Shamash hum Baba is defeated

this guy, man

I like him.

The monster bakes Gilgamesh for his life, and Gilgamesh it first pities the creature, the spider and Kunduz practical advice to kill the beast on Baba then curses in both Gilgamesh finally puts an end to it. The two heroes cut down a huge cedar tree and then can do uses it to make a massive door for the gods which he floats down the river.

So he made the door and then put it in the river

sounds counterintuitive to me.

Anyway, I'm not sure in ancient Sumerian texts, I mean, these guys are genius, right? I'm just reading this shit.

Sometime later, the goddess Ishtar Goddess of Love and War and the daughter of the sky good. make sexual advances to Gilgamesh, but he rejects her because of his mistreatment of his of her

because of her mistress, because of her mistreatment of her previous lovers the offended is star insists that her father send the Bull of Heaven to avenge Gilgamesh is rejection

they should make fucking album about this shit like at least a series on Netflix by the fucking rights man

are produced this year. African direct this year on that a bit whole one person show a bit fucking amazing

Not egotistical at all.

The Beast brings with it a great drought and plague of the land.

Well, Ishtar ubitx by Gilgamesh and he can do this time without divine help slay the beast and offer it's hard to Chumash throwing the balls hindquarters in the face of the outraged Ishtar. The city of Zurich celebrates the great victory but in can do is a bad has had a bad dream in which the gods decided to punish and can do himself for killing of the Bull of Heaven. And hum Baba.

He curses the door he made for the gods and he curses the trap and he met the harlot he loved and the very day that he became human, however, he regrets his curses when Shemesh speaks to him from heaven and points out how unfair and can do is being. He also points out that Gilgamesh will become but a shadow of its former self, if it can do were to die. Nevertheless, the curse takes hold and day after day and can do becomes more and more ill.

As he dies. He describes his descent into the horrific dark underworld, the house of dust. Now we mentioned earlier, okay, if you've listened

I'm surprised I remember that that's pretty good guy. I haven't actually got that written down. Where the dead were feathers like birds and eat dust. Gilgamesh is devastated by in Kunduz death and offers the gifts to the gods in the hope they might be allowed to walk again besides and can do in the underworld.

In the hope that he might be able, in the hope that you might be allowed to walk beside and can do in the underworld. He orders the people from the lowest farmer from the highest temple priests, doors and more it can do and oldest statues of candy to be built. Gilgamesh is so full of grief and sorrow for his friend who refuses to leave and can do side or allow his corpse to be burned in six days and seven nights after his death when the maggots begin to fall from his body.

Nice that's probably a good sign to get rid of the fucking body.

Probably stinks. I mean, shame in streets, it probably fucking stinks anyway. Gilgamesh is determined to avoid in Kunduz fate and decides to make him the perilous journey to visit fuck.

The perilous journey to visit



shit. Visit, nepotism, and his wife the only humans to have survived the great flood who are granted immortality by the gods in the hope of Discovering the secret of everlasting life. The ageless move, nepotism and his wife now reside in a beautiful country in another world.

Dillman and Gilgamesh travel to the Far East in search of them, crossing great rivers and oceans and mountain passes and grappling and slaying monsters mountain lions, bears and half obese.

Like, fuck this that's sick, like Elder Scrolls six, which are four. You can base this on this shit anytime, man.

Eventually, he comes to the Twin Peaks of Mount Mashi at the end of the earth from where the sun rises from the upper world,


the guy of which is guarded by two terrible Scorpion beings. They allow Gilgamesh to proceed when he convinces them of his divinity in his desperation, and he travels for 12 leagues through the dark tunnel when a sun travels every night. The world at the end of the tunnel is bright Wonderland full of trees with leaves of jewels. The first person Gilgamesh meets there is a winemaker Securi, who initially believes he is a murderer from his dishevelled appearance and His attempts to dissuade him from his quest.

But eventually she sends him to Russia and Abbey, the ferry man who must help him cross the sea to the island where naffaa lives fight, we go shorten that name. That's his name.

Navigating the waters of death of which the slightest touch means instant death he meets when he meets Earth now that shall be

when he meets Shinobi though he appears to be surrounded by the company of stone giants, which Gilgamesh promptly kills did he kill it goes a lot man. Like not very nice. Thinking them to be hostile Okay, so they probably won't even hostile nice. He tells the firm and his story and ask for his help. But Ooh Shinobi explains is just destroyed the sacred stones.

Gilgamesh man when when we learn silly Gilgamesh,

the sacred stones, which allow the ferryboat to safely cross the waters of death. The only way he can now cross if Gilgamesh cuts down 120 trees and fashions them into punting poles. So they can cross the waters by using a new pole each time and by using his Garmin as a sell.

Sounds like a bit of a mission. It seems like he just wants a bit of landscaping done and he was like, cut down 120 trees we call it even

So finally after God knows how long of cutting down on the trees, they reach the island of dem Dillman and where he sees that there is someone else in the boat. He asked Gilgamesh who he is. Gilgamesh then proceeds to tell him his story and ask for help, but if reprimands him because he knows that fighting the fate of humans is futile and ruins the joy in life. Gilgamesh demands move in the way that two situations differ and move tells him the story of how he survived the great flood, flood.


Woof nepotism then recounts how a great storm and flood was brought to the world by the god and Lil who wanted to destroy all of mankind for the noise and confusion they brought to the world. But the God he god, the god EA, I know that coming on EA, they already own everything else.

Last year, I'm sorry, they got er, only got it. Yeah. forewarned you fanaticism advising him to build a ship in readiness and load it onto his treasures. So I'm just saying no of arms, no vibes anyone pick it up.

And if he asked to bring him animals to the rains came as promised, and the whole world was covered with water cutting everything except you've left Sysmon you've nepotism and his boat. The boat came to rest on the tip of the mountain as it were they waited for where they waited for the water subside, releasing First off, then a swallow and then a raven to check for dry land. You've nepotism then made sacrifices and libations to the gods stands although and there was angry that someone had survived his flood.

Yeah, he he advised him to make his peace. So no blessed human aphorism and his wife and granted them everlasting life, and took them to live in the land of Gods on the island of Dillman. However, despite his reservations about why the gods should give him the same honour as himself, the Hero of the Flood move does reluctantly decided to offer Gilgamesh chance fatality. First though, he challenges Gilgamesh to stay awake for six days and seven nights.

That's a bit of a trite

I'm sorry, I just read the next slide. But Gilgamesh falls asleep almost before we've nepotism finishes speaking.

When he wakes, after seven days of sleep, you've nepotism decides to ridicule his fake I like this.

And oh, no, and then sends him back to IRQ. Along with the fairy man in exile, I say leave though, if nepotism his wife asked her husband to have mercy on Gilgamesh for his long journey, and so he tells Gilgamesh of a plant that grows at the very bottom of the ocean that will make him young again. Gilgamesh obtains the plan by binding stones to his feet to allow him to walk to the bottom, allow him to walk in the bottom of the ocean. Not quite sure if that works, how he held his breath for that long but these hours I mean, this is like, for millennium BC.

He plans to use the flower to rejuvenate the Old Man of the city of Zurich and then use it on himself. Unfortunately, he places the plant on the shore of the lake while he bathes and it's stolen by serpent.


the story just gets better, which loses its skin and is thus reborn. Gilgamesh weeps at having both failed or both opportunities to obtain immortality and returns to the massive walls of his own city in our

sad isn't time Gilgamesh to dies and the people of Iraq mourn his passing now in they will never see his like again. The 12th tablet is apparently unconnected with the previous one and that was an alternative legend in the early from earlier in the story, when in Kinder is still alive. Gilgamesh complaints during can do that he's lost some objects given to him by the goddess Ishtar when they fell into the underworld and can do offers to bring them back for him and the delight of Gilgamesh tales and can do what he must and must not do in the underworld in order to be sure of coming back.

So when can do sets off, he promptly forgets all this advice.

Wow, he sounds like me and does everything he was told not to do? Yeah, it's definitely me, resulting in him being trapped in the underworld. Gilgamesh praise the gods for return his friend and although and the ones who end do not even bother to reply, Yan Shamash decide to help Shamash cracks hole in funding can do jumps out of it, whether as it goes to in reality it's not clear Gilgamesh questions and can do about what he had seen in the underworld.

Wow. I mean, that that was pretty good.

How can you not lie that story had love interests. You had romance, prostitutes and egotistical king of wild feral creature