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Shadow people

August 29, 2021 That Haunted Show Season 2 Episode 15
That Haunted Show
Shadow people
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Hi, it's Lou again and welcome back to another episode of That Haunted Show.
It's time to get spooky, today we are going to be looking into the scary and weird phenomena that is shadow people and shadow entities. 

Hope you're ready.

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Stay spooky


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Hello, welcome, haunted show. It has been

a long time. It has been too long

with the move and everything and then setting up my little office setup, which still isn't really done. It's kind of set up. I've got

Yeah, my PC is balancing on a shelf.

Not really liking it too much. But it looks pretty sick.

Yeah, we're doing pretty good. I'm like transforming this house. It's like a little smart house so I can let you control everything from my phone and not even have to move it. It's fucking perfect.

But enough about me. I hope you guys are doing really well. It has been far too long. I think the last episode, in fact, I didn't even know when the last episode even came out. She has a little look. Because I haven't even got a clue. I can't remember how to get onto it. Where are we?

At Apple podcasts.

July the 18th. And what way?


Yeah, definitely has been a while shit. I am sorry about that. It took me a lot longer than I thought it would be. Plus, I'm just super fussy and ain't about having things neat. And this little desktop area.

Really, I've made it myself and it just wasn't perfect.

Still, a few little things are bugging me. But

it's good. You know, you've just got to get on with it. And yeah, too. If you have stuck around for all this time, I have not even been posting on Instagram. So apologies for that. I have been on the stories though. So that's been not too bad. We've been speaking to a few of you. So hopefully, you haven't lost interest in the show completely. But if you have it's fine.

Sorry, today we are going to be looking at shadow people. Now, I basically Yeah, well.

I was trying to come up with a decent lie. But then I thought you guys aren't gonna believe any of this.

I left this to last minute again. I had been so hyped to return but to actually do it. I was like, I got plenty of time. And now it's Saturday and I'm like, oh shit, I set up an episode.

But I would do it somehow.

So yeah, this episode is gonna be on shadow people. I found a few really interesting stories, which hopefully you guys like, because I think they're gonna be good. You know, I think they've got some serious potential. I hope.

I hope yeah, I've kind of as usual, pre read, like skim read, skim read Skindred fucking how anyone else can read that pretty say

I have skim read some of these stories just so they're not fucking awful. I don't know too much about them. So it's gonna be a bit more accurate. And bear with me one say I need to reposition my mic. Right. I think that's a bit better. I had to just kind of reposition a bit here. I've got a monitor stand out so I can let you pull this shit out and drag it anywhere. It's fucking awesome.

I'm finally in the 21st century here. But let's get on with actually before I say let's get on with it. I've been out of touch for so long that I don't even have to fight through this shit anymore. So what did I even used to say? Like, yeah, we are that haunted show on Instagram. If you want to get in contact we are that haunted [email protected]

Feel free to get in contact at any time. If you've got any spooky stories that'd be really fun to do. Or if you want to be on the show, just let me know either hit me up on Instagram or send me an email. I'm pretty fucking flexible and now we're fine I got our own space come on office because

we can sort something out and hopefully I'm looking to do some more visuals and kind of videos now we've got the ad set and it was gone somewhere. Now we've got a YouTube set up I haven't uploaded there for five minutes how long but that will resume again. Now we're finally got decent internet speed as well. Which is just the fucking tip of the iceberg. Things are about to get spicy over here.

I know there was some more shit that I needed to say but I have completely forgotten it. So don't

blame me.

Anyway, I am gonna get on with the story because it's been far too long of me rambling on about just nonsensical, bollocks.

nonsensical. That's a nice word. I like it.

Alright, let's get on with it, shall we? This first story is by a user named Maria 2020. Where to begin? I've always been seeing dog figures or shadow people for many years. It started first of all, before someone passed away, or after. I've moved from free homes and I've seen them in each one. Every home I move into its trouble with electronics. They get teased by family and friends for being an electrical nightmare. Could it be the presence of these dark beings that have seemed to attach themselves to my life for over 20 years? I don't know. Once in my old home and I flew off the kitchen counter towards my infant godson. In that house, I'd heard footsteps during the night and had recurring nightmares. I moved home and all this. I moved home and this evil entity seems to have stayed put. Thankfully, that is good. That means it's probably not an attachment.

So far, so good. You know, I'm pretty lucky. Back to the shadow people who have no longer going away. Ah,

we were lucky for about a sentence.

They used to only be shadowy figures I could see from the corner of my eye. Now they stay for longer periods of time just watching. I always know where they are as I can feel their presence nearby, mentally and physically. Recently, he appeared just a few feet away from my kitchen door. I saw him from the side of mine turned round and he was standing there. I felt the fingers emotions, like it was sad. And it had just tilted at me. However, I could not see any face.

Another time, which was also recent, I was making tea in my kitchen and I'd seen him run across the room. Then he stood behind me just a few feet away.

The hairs on my neck stood up and I the hairs on my neck stood up. It was really cold and I got goosebumps.

The point is how can I speak to these beings to find out the purpose. It's been going on for years. And I would like to know who they are and what they need or want from me. If they need any help, I'm willing to help them cross over. Any advice would be great. As I'm afraid to tell my friends and family in case I get signed in. I'm a psychology graduate and I've looked at sleep paralysis, and I have experienced it once I think but it was in that home with the evil entity I mentioned earlier.

Now that's just a real common experience with sleep paralysis that you see that the what would you call it the hag that kind of sits on the chest and stuff like that. It's pretty creepy. Or you kind of see things at the corner of your eye you can't move and it's like this darkness approaching you which is pretty fucking scary.

Anyway, yeah, definitely look into it. Like if you can help these things. I do believe it can make things better. And you might stop experiencing all these kind of things. Personally, I wouldn't know where to start, but I know a lot of people who probably could help you. Which Yeah, personally, I'm a fucking disaster. But I know some serious people out there who are 10 times better than me. And I could do a lot of cleansing like when I brought this out so I'd got the fucking sage out and was saging all over the place. It was beautiful.

Also, there's a comment here Have you heard about sliders or

have you heard about sliders or electric people? Well, sliders are on my feet right now and electric people

are electricians

are fucking in my opinion based on the information provided by your narrative. You may not be a psychic because the shadows might be earthbound spirits trying to get your attention. Although you don't seem to be afraid of them I would suggest you learn ways to protect yourself and before communicating with them. In case you come across a nasty one. Yeah, fuck that imagine trying to help and it's like some ghost of a serial killer or like some fucking paedophile or some shoe just wants to like perfectly. What the far

have you tried it?

Talk to the shadows telling them something like I'm aware of your presence and it's time for you to move to the light. I mean, like so many things so many times where you've kind of heard noises in the night. And like, this has happened to me loads, like I've heard noises and I've wanted to be like, hello, statue.

competitive one. Sure. Okay.

But you sound like a fucking pain as if you start talking.

Right? I don't know if it's just me just being a fucking div. But you don't want to do that. So I think, I don't know. I don't think there needs to be a verbal communication with this. I don't think you need to be like, let me help your spirits. I should guide you into the light.

I think if you have that intention, I think they can kind of understand that. Like,

they can't communicate with words. Usually. I know you get a lot of Electronic Voice Phenomena which is EPP for everyone else. professionals out there. But yeah, I don't think you need to have a verbal conversation with these types of spirits. I just really don't. That's a little fairy. I'm working on some kind of telepathic thing will be pretty fucking good. I think anyway.

Anyway, let's move to the next story, shall we? Because I don't know where that was going anymore. So this is by Unforgiven one and it's coming out Norway. Oh, no. So everything. We've had a story from Norway a story story from Norway. Fuck. I can't even speak Jesus Christ. It's the weekend I've had a few ciders unplugged. I don't drink.

I've been a fan of this site for a long time, but I've never taken time to write about my own experiences. I have a lot of free time right now. So I thought I'd finally share. This is not a scary ghost story.

Should we skip it?

Just a strange experience that happened to me. A few years ago when I was around six months pregnant. I was sleeping in bed for my husband and I can't

anyone else have the joys of a cat who jumps on the fucking bed in the middle of the night? That's beautiful.

And not fucking freaky at all. Also, we've just kind of adopted a new little friend for our cat pumpkin is m smokey and you may have seen pictures on the Instagram. I don't know if I posted pictures of him. Yeah, his are all black and he looks like a fucking majestic beast. And he's fucking huge.

Well, pumpkin is tiny. I just can't figure out me. Yes, we have another cat. Which is fucking cool. So that's another cat that jumps on the bed in the middle of the night freaks me the fuck out. I think that covers moving but it's just them getting comfy. Great.

We live in Norway, and in the summertime the sun doesn't go all the way when the sun doesn't go down.

Is that legit? Or is that like saying just goes dark and no one in the morning? This is not good to forget. Anyone from Norway here? Let me know. Fact check this. So although it was in the middle of the night or early morning, not exactly sure. So I didn't check the time. It wasn't completely dark in our bedroom. I woke up from sleep because I felt my husband standing outside of the bed, which is not unusual because he wakes up early to get ready to go to work. But he never just stands there until I wake up. Anyway, I watched him a dark shadow shaped as a man move from his side of the bed and walk over to where the dresser is near the foot of the bed. Since it was darkened room but not pitch play. I could see the shadow and realise

I could see the shadow and realised very quickly that it was not my husband. It was a man but not the builder, my husband. The Shadow Man was told him thin. White husband is big, like a bodybuilder but not as tall.

Just flexing. See how it is. We get it fucking married right? I looked over to my right and my husband was sleeping. I look back at that. I look back at where the shadow was standing at the foot of the bed. And at that very moment the shadow made a startling joking movement. Shoulders went out and my arms kind of flailing like it was surprised that I saw him and startled

immediately the shadow quickly disappeared into the wall behind him more like quickly evaporated.

This shadow man had no features just look like a regular shadow you would see yourself on the pavement during a sunny day. It will happen just so quickly. And the strange thing is I looked down at my cat who was laying near my big pregnant stomach. She had just watched the whole thing and was looking directly towards the shadow to

when the shadow disappeared she jumped off the bed and ran towards the wall which is right next to the bedroom door. She then exited the room and I rolled over and went back to sleep. How

right I don't get this like how do people experience something like this and just go back to sleep? I would be up fucking all night and probably the rest of the weekend Twilight micro slept and died.

I don't get it Like usually I fall asleep pretty well but if I've got something on my mind

I sleep like shit.

I don't understand

how, like normal weirdo to I have like fucking nature sounds and thunderstorms on my phone playing on like a timer and I fall asleep because I'm a fucking manchild

but it's something I've always done. Okay, so, again, it's a habit. All right, and you can't kick habit. If it ain't broke. Don't change, don't fix


Sleep was no joke when I was broken. I'm not sure but to me the shadow didn't feel attached to our house, but more like it was checking up on me, but maybe because I was pregnant. Maybe it's the coastal Midwest.

free health care.

The reason why I think this is because I didn't feel scared or uncomfortable. In fact, it just seemed startled by me instead. I mean, again, maybe it was a part about maybe it was a fucking mother.

Just a little fucking piggy look. Maybe since like pregnant women, you know, everyone's got their can.

This isn't the only experience I've had in my lifetime or in the residence itself. Another quick experience in this condo was when my mom was visiting after our baby was born. She told me she was awake in the living room one night texting on her phone, and the baby's floor gym just flew across the floor. No explanation as to how since we're all asleep and everything was still I don't really know the exact history of our condo, but I think it was built in the early 90s. Like major swing,

and no deaths. When I say if you say it, like you were built, that makes me think of something else.

Moving on, that is a really quiet, small and safe neighbourhood. So I think we've heard if something strange had happened here, and the result

would potentially result in a haunting, but the history of the town we live in is actually ancient. It was founded by Vikings in 997 ad.

Not sure about the exact area we live in though. I guess that's what I'm mostly wondering about as it's the vibe of shadow people in general. I've read stories on it and I thought they were menacing or creepy. Yeah, I've also read stories similar to mine where they were no buffer at all. Strange how that is. It's strange on forgiven one is right. I am no expert as Jehovah No, I just have a mic and chat shit. But to me, it does seem that you can't just label a spirit and you can't just label

would you call it like a category shadow people? They're not just oh, like, ooh, shadow people. Bad. dark, black negative energy. Sucking light out of room must be evil. That's just bollocks.

I was listening to another show. It was I do believe it was the paranormal portal, which is my favourite podcast if you ever want to listen to a podcast is actually informative. I'm really fucking good. Brent has got you covered by the other hand, love the paranormal just as much I just am uncomfortable and make a lot of shit jokes.

Where it is actually fucking good. So maybe you should check that out. And he has a lot of guests and professionals on there whereas this is just me

but actually people do I'm just too much of a fucking awkward anxious mess to actually do a show with someone so

maybe that's just me

but yet like anyway getting back to it there just seems to be different types of if you're a bad person in life you're a bad person in depth good in life you're probably going to be good in death like there's no kind of change just because you're dead you're still st you still the same person just in the afterlife now right

that's what I think anyway.

Like, I don't think there's any Oh, I'm gonna atone for my sins only murdered seven people and fucking all that shit like, Yeah, you're a bad person. You're a bad person. All right. But that is just my fairy. So up to you what you believe in also, I'm really sorry about the sound my mic keeps dropping.

I think I may need a new mic stand

was shit.

Anyway, we have a nother story. It's Oh, go here at

fuck. I always forgot the name of the show.

So my voice is cracking. What just goes to show how long I haven't done this. Oh, my books have finally just dropped. Congratulations. I'm only 27

So this story is by optimist and it's coming out of Utah in the United States.

And the fact about Utah

this is going to be a new feature. Any new places only pull you out random facts so you can't say you haven't learned shit. Utah is where you can find the heaviest organisms on.


the trembling giant or panda in the fish link National Forest is made up of 47,000 genetically identical trees that share a single root system. In addition to being notably massive, it's also among the oldest organisms on Earth. It's been alive for more than 80,000 years.

Well, Beji don't fucking know that did you?

Well, also, this this fact looks a bit more fun. The town of Levin, which is naval spelled backwards, is located in the middle of Utah. According to local law, the town got its name because it sits on what would be the belly button of the state.

Amazing you learn something new every day. Don't say I don't teach you anything.

So Artemis has got a story about shadow people. This experience took place about five years ago. I was 17 at the time, and it was a really hot summer.

Nice. I miss hot summers, actually. Now I don't know if I can hate hot summers. I hate hate hate hot weather. I'd rather live in snow and rain all year round. I'm just weird. I was in my parents bridge, bedroom bread.

I was in my parents bedroom looking for batteries for the TV remote. When something felt just off. I didn't know how to explain or describe it. I looked up from the drawer I was digging in and through the window I saw a tool dog shadowing blacker than black figure walk by the window or watched as it moves quickly past the window.

I wondered at first if it was my grandfather walking by. He lives in a sort of add on apartment and often walks around the house to feed his dogs in the back yard is a big and tall dude. But this thing was taller, and its head was levelled with the top of the window frame. I ran to the second window on the other side of my parents bed to see if I could get a better look at who or what it was. But it was gone so and so was the weird feeling I had.

I went outside later that night I measured the height of the window. Because I'd seen people walk by that window before and none of them even came close to being told enough that the head was levelled top of the window. The Shadow Man would have had to be at least like eight foot tall.

Shit at Shadow Man's plan for the fucking NBA.

I saw the shadow trigger again about a week later, and assignments walking past large windows at the front room. I got the same way to feeling but again, it was gone in an instant, just like the first sighting. I haven't seen it again. Since that time, though, I sometimes still get that off feeling.

After seeing at the second time I decided to tell my brother about it. And he believes in ghosts spirits and the like.

He said that it seemed something similar to what I described standing outside the window next to a storage shed we have in our backyard. We wonder if the Shadow Man is connected to something in the backyard because both times I'd seen it was walking towards the backyard. How many times we've witnessed a backyard in the story. Fucking backyard.

And my brother had seen it in the backyard. But yeah, backyard backyard.

And the idea is what this tool shadowy figure might be. It's lurking in our backyard. Park losing my mind.

So yeah, sightings of the shadow peoples are really

that really common, which is worrying, like a lot of people kind of experience things like this. But then again, darkness can play tricks on your eyes.


I don't know, I do think there can be a lot of light trickery and light anomalies that can kind of play in part to these types of phenomena.

I mean, I've kind of experienced

not so much shadowy people but like darker than dark shadow creeping into my bedroom when I was a kid. And like turning off my TV and coursing, static and all that shit.

But it was more like a darker and dark cloud. It wasn't like a visible figure or anything like that.

But yeah, I hope you guys kind of dig that story. It's interesting.

Like, shadow people don't seem like a really bad type of thing.

They do. Lay Shadow People don't really seem like a bad type of entity.

That's the thing it seems to vary. I I personally haven't came across a bad shadow entity story yet, but I'm sure there's many out there and

You guys may even have your own kind of stories yourself about negative shadow people stories. So if you have do let me know, because I don't know what to make of it.

Although at the time, it can be absolutely horrifying and scary as hell.

Actually having that kind of experience.

never does anything negative, right? It's just kind of existing.

And yeah, it's scary. You're seeing this thing that shouldn't be there. But that's the paranormal, right? I don't think you could write this off for any of the paranormal offers a super negative thing. I mean, unless we're talking about like possessions, which are just like destroying your health and your life. But

yeah, shadow people. I don't think they're that bad. I don't think a lot of the paranormal is bad. I just think everything is energy and the way it kind of manifests itself.

I think shadow people are so common because it's easier to

this is just my fear, it's easy to remove light.

Then create light, if that makes sense. So they can suck in that darkness or remove ambient light. Because it's easy to manifest then creating light, right?

Yeah, I don't know where this has gone. But you kind of get the gist. All right.

We've got a few more stories. This one is by London user.

This is a bit of a strange one. I've been looking for answers but kept reading about unknown or shadows of the dead. Okay, so a few years ago while staying with my parents, I was sleeping on the floor of my mom's room. We had a lot of guests over and my niece was with her mom. And what we had we had had I hate that we had had why don't why is the English language Why would you have two words which make a perfectly grammatically correct and logical sentence. But it says had had

it really fucking bugs me. We had had a lot of guests over and my niece was with my mom and I bet I woke up quite late at night and so my mum shallow standing at the end of our bed. I was convinced it was her. I called out to her and asked if she was right. My mum was answering from bed and the shower didn't move, unfortunately wanted to walk past my temporary bed to get to where the toilet was. In the morning when I asked her about it. She said she was in bed the whole night. And when we were talking she was in bed. I decided not to sleep on the floor and shifted to bed with her. Yeah, I jumped in bed with her after fucking Jan's shadow creature.

The next night I heard whispering from the corner closest to my mom's side of the bed. My mom heard it but thought it was my sister in the next room. It wasn't though my sister came up to sleep a little later. This will stop when we had prayers in my house for my wedding. Again having Breyers positive energy for something you really believe in it's good enough again so much shit

like anything you believe it enough. Yeah, it's gonna fucking manifest itself so having all these brothers having all this positive thought it's cleanse you know?

I think


back to the day my dad is so oh

yeah, back to today. My dad is terminally ill and asked to sleep downstairs. He can't go downstairs. I am really fucking sorry. Having anyone terminally ill sucks.

And you get there must be incredibly tough. We're doing building work to build him a shower in the garage so all the other rooms are full. I'm sleeping in my mom's room again. This time my mum was about to go check on my dad. She was sitting in the bed bending our trousers on and she called my name I was laying in bed still. When I answered she said she was standing next to her

and just so this one

right I'm gonna try it I'm gonna try a little something here. I don't know if this work

I see. I need your mic stand and this one's not there with me. I'm gonna unscrew this photo

right yes, I've gone a little bit freehand here because of basically had to hold my mic

because my extenders just fucking annoying me also this market and really fucking area I didn't realise.

But again, again another story. It is weird how these things happen. I I mean today alone. I've heard many stories about shadow people and all that but I haven't heard stories of entities and shadow people actually speaking. That's a new one. I didn't think that was actually possible. I thought it was I always fought shadow entities. Like I said, it's easier to kind of withdraw ally and take it away and make her darkness money.

First Asian. I always thought they were kind of a weaker type of spirit, if that makes any sense. Just purely because it's easiest to do, I didn't think they were capable of moving things or speaking. So that is really interesting. And it's kind of opened my mind a little bit. And I'm really sorry about your data, not hope he is coping well. And I hope you're not experiencing these things. And if you are, I hope they're not negative. And

you never know it could be trying to help you. So fingers crossed. This next story is by saying psychopath,

something makes me think you're not saying.

Honestly, I've never been really interested in paranormal activity. Until now. I read books about murdering crimes, but never go stories. Let's say I never really thought about it that much.

I'm part of a religious family believes in angels and demons, but not like this. You see, ever since I started year nine, which is 13 years old, in Christchurch, New Zealand. I've been seeing these things. I'm not crazy. And I sleep and eat very well. And my parents are strict, but these black weird, unexplainable figures will dance around like hallucinations. Sometimes in my class, they mock me by standing by my teacher. Sometimes I'll just know they're standing behind me when I'm trying to work. I'm saying sometimes because it doesn't happen very often, like, once or twice a week. That's pretty often dude. Like, that's once or twice a week that's happening regularly.

Like, I don't know about you, but that would freak me out. That's pretty regular do

anyway, but when they do come, my brain just kind of forgets it there as soon as they leave. And later on that day, I remember again and start to kind of think about it. The figures aren't quite what you'd expect. They don't move like figures. They move my characters in a really laggy game. They have arms and legs, I think, but sometimes the limbs will come off and rejoin their bodies and rejoin their bodies as they kind of move around. Some move around like animals, but we've spines that shake and vibrate as the crew is just disturbing.

That sounds horrific.

That sounds like I read a book similar to that in the strange.

I can't remember.

But if I do, I will let you know. Because it was actually a really good story. It was actually really good book. At night. Sometimes these creatures will emerge from my warm mess of stuff on my desk. Now I know this isn't a dream, I promise. Most of the time was just set up and watch them in the daytime so they seem like shadows. Only black. And at night. They look more like detailed. I think they have

fairies. Tomorrow morning. Talk shadow Forest Park.

Like very skinny and bony with wide eyes and always smiling. They're just very happy to be there. They kind of look like human bunny. Oh. Oh no. They look they kind of look like human bunnies. I'm not a fairy. I swear.

It's okay man. You're among friends there.

Again, I'm not mentally or anything even though my friends want me to see a doctor. I've researched and I've seen nothing matching my case. One link didn't take me to this website with a story sort of like mine. So I decided to run my in capital italics. Version down. Thanks bye

again, I mean you're definitely not insane these things do happen but I think manifestations could be related more to you. I do believe like, I'm not saying you're a fairy but

just kind of in so on you here I don't know how to word this and not make it sound like you're a firm

that's not what I'm gone for. But uncle Lou says you're a fairy.


oh god I'm fucking terrible this I'm out of practice man.

The tall black thing now this may or may not be the the last story what is the time 36 minutes Yeah, they're probably the last story so what do we want we want multiple spirits around the house. Or the two black thing

in our only go for multiples to bear. It's around the house. More books on Xbox. If the two black things let down then at least this one's got more trouble.

I don't know why for like a virus now that you guys can vote.

So this all began around the beginning of March. And now this is in 2020 in Australia.

Some background I live in Western Australia in a suburb that has minor crime if you discount drug use, Oh, lovely.

I've been living in this house for about three years about not much going on, except one case I may publish later.

For now, up until this year, nothing has happened that I considered paranormal with the aforementioned excluded Of course, which was a great comfort to me as I've been surrounded by so

springs from a very young age. So, to begin, my partner has been waking up with claw marks on his body, onion twos. Okay. Worrying fuckin demon spirit affair.

You want to hope it's the first.

We looked at it logically at first but can discern a cause they were having but they were having violent dreams and we're constantly forgetting things they normally wouldn't. They sleep alone due to current conditions facing the globe, and I can't, and I cannot come into much contact you to that. But now I need to make an exception. I did some research and figured out what it was. But it's not that boring right now as I figured out how to deal with it. If it works, of course. Over the past two weeks, though, more things have been happening. I was beginning to project myself unintentionally, this is a frequent occurrence of mine, and my cat appeared out of nowhere next to my body. This didn't faze me at all until I realised they were in the same room with my partner. I of course, confused, fell back down and called out to my partner immediately there at my side climbing onto my left leg and began to repeatedly kiss my fi. Now, they would never do this if I called out. In fact, they would just yell out what. So now I am really scared. Now I've had sleep paralysis before and it's quite fleeting. And this lasted two hours at most, I frood the being pretending to be my partner off and began vibrating on a higher frequency and they seem to work but not all that well. They still kept trying to come back and after a while it gave up realising it's not the first time I've had to do these kinds of things. And when it's to wait My partner and I managed to wait my partner and confirm what happened. And it was definitely not them. And I haven't had to deal with anything since or rather for now. Does that make sense? I haven't had to deal with anything since or rather for now. And doesn't make sense to me.

Hmm, I'm watching you.

But the issue I'm facing now is my board order eight days ago according to her there has been something outside a window it has no face and resembles a shadow person except for its face has a white outline. In my research is specific beings are native to Australia. So we're not seeing anyone speaking of white outlines outside of this country. I definitely haven't heard of it even Jesus guys that sounds fucking as if shadow people want scary enough have a white outline of the face now it's like a fucked up mine.

I have no idea. I have no clue as to what exactly it is other than it being a shadow person. She told me on the fifth day, which annoys me since I've repeatedly told her to tell me when things like this occur. So I inspected the Arish where she told me inside first.

I saw nothing but I felt something so that loans homey it was something else. After checking outside and seeing nothing that could resemble what she described. I asked her a few questions.

Now this is set up like a little interview here. Nice.

How long has it been? Five days?

What are its features? It sees ruin it has faced with white or around it?

Fuck ignore.

Is it a boy or a girl? It's a boy. Does it have hair? Or is it hooded? Does it wear hat? Is it tall? It has no hair. And I just don't know. Does it talk to you? Have you spoken to it? Has it done anything? No, it just stares at me. How do you feel? freaked out?

That concludes the interview.

God I should be a fucking voice actor.

That's gonna be one new cause in life. I'm gonna be a voice actor. Here we go.

You like watch this fucking space?

If anyone needs a monotone dude, who actually say monotone I can go fucking high. Uh, yeah, my voice is pretty low, but I can

put on some ammo, and I'll fucking blow your mind.

Now with all that in hand, I could tell I couldn't tell what it was and had a very good description from a six year old. Please keep in mind these answers were instant so she didn't have time to think for a second which amplifies my belief of her. I told her that I cannot see it. But I do see one with our white outline. Is it standing straight looking? It is standing straight looking right at me. This naturally frightened her but she said the other one was still there looking at the same direction that Hi not mine. It was looking towards her bed exactly where she sleeps. She also said it hasn't been She also said she hasn't been dreaming since it arrived. Now for the past few days I've been trying to figure out what to do. After positioning myself outside where she sees the face and doing as she instructed. I figured out that it's not her Hi, it is in fact crouching. Oh, that's creepy.