That Haunted Show

La Llorona - The curse of the wailing woman

July 04, 2021 That Haunted Show Season 2 Episode 12
That Haunted Show
La Llorona - The curse of the wailing woman
Show Notes

Hi, it's Lou again and welcome back to another episode of That Haunted Show.
We are going to be looking into the scary as all hell wailing woman, otherwise known as my ex. Nah I'm kidding, we're looking into La Llorona. This was chosen by a subscriber of the show, who coincidently runs their own podcast so you should definitely check them out at the foul-mouthed nerds.

So we take a look into the possible history of who she was in life, who she is in death and everything along the way. From scary happenings to tragic events, and a few stories with first-hand encounters with the wailing woman.

Hope you're ready.  

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