That Haunted Show

The Cecil hotel and it's haunted history, what really happened to Elisa Lam? SEASON 1 FINALE

February 07, 2021 That Haunted Show Season 1 Episode 24
That Haunted Show
The Cecil hotel and it's haunted history, what really happened to Elisa Lam? SEASON 1 FINALE
Show Notes

Let's do this, get your caffeine buzz on like me and let's dive straight into this extra-long finale episode for you!

This one is a big one and we leave no stone unturned, we look into the Cecil hotel and it's haunted and suicidal past, as well as look into the tragic death of Elisa Lam. The Court documents, the lawsuits, biopsies, Korean elevator games, Ghost Adventures, paranormal theories, you name it and I've dug it up!

I managed to find some exclusive interviews from Zak Bagans as well as former employees of the Hotel!  Also a disclaimer, this is a very true and real case covering a lot of dark and tragic deaths, crime and suicide, so heads up.

If you are struggling with anything, do not keep your silence, reach out either to me or to anyone around you or appropriate places online, no one deserves to suffer in silence. 

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So if you're a lover of all things paranormal, this will be a good one for you!

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